Dunsin Oyekan is thankful in “Finger of God.”

The Nigerian Gospel scene has released some of the best music listened to today. From Sinach to Nathaniel Bassey, TY Bello, Folabi Nuel and many others, they have all released songs that draw people closer to God and bring a certain calmness to the soul. Gospel music goes as far back as the 17th century when African-American slaves used Gospel music to unburden themselves and fill their hearts with hope. Music was their means of drawing strength, letting their emotions out and talking about their tragic experiences as slaves. Over time, Gospel music has transcended from hymns to melodious songs that pass across messages of testimony, God’s mercies, his love and giving thanks. Dunsin Oyekan has replicated passing messages of thanksgiving in his latest song “Finger of God.” The entire song tilts towards the grace of over his life, God’s mercies and doing things through the strength of Christ. From Dunsin’s discography, it is obvious that he is passionate about bringing people to God and singing about God’s grace.

On the 3rd of September 2022, Dunsin Oyekan and his crew were involved in a ghastly accident on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway while they were going to perform at a convention hosted by The Sword of the spirit ministries, but no life was lost and no one was injured. His latest song is the artist’s way of sharing his testimony and acknowledging God’s grace. In the soul-stirring song, Dunsin and his backup choristers pay homage to God, “It’s not by my power and it’s not by might I’m not that intelligent, but for grace and when people ask me this is all I can say this is the finger of God in my life.” From the backup singers to Dunsin’s voice, the production quality, to the message of the song, “Finger of God” is a good listen and it is easy to sing. Listen to “Finger of God” here and enjoy.


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