Dunnie and Chike are grateful for their lovers in “Already Won.”

There has been clear progress in the career and works of Dunnie, the multitalented Nigerian producer, singer, and songwriter. With an impressive discography that contains two EPs and many singles, the artist has continued to make good music and challenge the norm in the music industry. To make her 2022 debut, the artist teams up with Nigerian singer Chike to deliver a melodious tune, “Already Won.”

Within seconds of listening to “Already Won,” listeners are drawn into the merging vocals of the artists and the smooth lyrics. On the DeeYasso-produced track, Dunnie and Chike are grateful for their lovers and happily let everyone know that they are off the streets and basking in their lovers’ arms. Dunnie sings, “I’m done with the streets, oh babe, I already won. Dumping my hoes, cos babe, I already won. Done playing games e no follow at all. Thank God for you; glad I found you. My baby, my lover.” Chike passes across the same message with lyrics like, “You are tailor-made for me, I say, baby, we fit o baby, we fit. No one can make me leave, the way I’m stuck onto you; I’ve got the glues on my feet,” letting his lover know that he is all hers.

“Already Won” is a warm love song filled with thanksgiving to God for the gift of love, and the artists are grateful for their lovers because they know that they have already won with their lovers by their side. Listen to the song here and enjoy.


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