Delilah and her response to Adekunle Gold

We all know how mean Delilah was to Adekunle Gold – or at least you do if you’ve listened to the singer’s masterful sophomore album About 30. Damn, Delilah is a song anyone who’s been through any sort of heartbreak can relate to and we all enjoyed how accurately ‘Dekunle captured that anger one experiences when a significant other sees the vulnerability as a game.
If you subscribed to the About 30 newsletter, then you received the email notification for the release of the Damn, Delilah video on the 31st day of August (a very blessed day). The video stars Seyi Shay as ‘Delilah’ and is a great contemporary interpretation of the song, but a twist to the narrative comes on the same day, almost five hours later when another About 30 video notification comes in the mail; Delilah’s Response and you discover that just like Aramide told Amaka’s side of the story, Seyi Shay is around to deliver Delilah’s response to ‘Dekunle’s accusations with brutal honesty.
Both videos were released via YouTube on Friday within hours of each other and if you haven’t heard Delilah’s Response, we at the PGM suggest that you do.


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