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Deena Ade & WeTalkSound Respectively Drop New Music on PGM Radio

In this episode of The PGM Radio show, we had several amazing acts in the building. The hugely talented Deena Ade broke down her Musical Journey; drawing inspiration from Erykah Badu, her sound, her new single; ‘Cruising At Your Altitude’ and plans for the future.

We also had the talented crew of We Talk Sound; this amazing collective of music lovers including sound engineers, web developers, producers, rappers, vocalists and publicists, exemplify the cliche; ‘Two heads are better than one’ in more ways than one.

In the last two years, they have put out three projects and they have arguably become the biggest collaborative album series in the country. Titled LOFN 3, they call on the lyrical prowess of Vader, Meji, Dwin, Yinka and the soothing vocals of Jola Bello, plus a host of other talented artists to deliver a thoroughly enjoyable project.

They also spoke about the process of selecting songs for the project and properly introduced us to Meji and Jola Bello. Two budding acts to definitely watch out for.

To cap it off, we had a live freestyle session with Meji, Vader and an incredibly gifted female rapper doing justice to a J Cole beat.

Listen to the podcast to get the complete gist.

To watch the freestyle click here

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