Deena Ade Came Through With The Spice At Her “May Love Find You” EP Listening

As the world gathered to watch Arsenal and Chelsea battle it out for the Europa League title, friends, family, fans, supporters and lovers of good music showed up at Bar Bar, Lekki to celebrate Deena Ade and watch her perform her new project live. A few days earlier, Deena Ade had released her new EP “May Love Find You” and on Wednesday, May 29, she was hosting an open listening session for the nascent project. This would be the first time any of the songs would be performed live.

Other creators and industry colleagues like BarelyAnyHook, Aye, Tey, A-Q, Bigfoot and Tosan Mac came through to show support to Madam Suya.

Opening the night, Oyve delivered a captivating and memorable performance that left an impression on many. Just right after his set, the star of the night, Deena Ade was introduced to thrilling entrance music from the band and deafening cheers from the excited audience.

After soaking up the moment for a while, she finally airs “Good evening everyone” to the mic as she thanked us for showing up, and promised a night of amazing music. Backed by the five-piece Gingerbread band, Deena Ade opens her set with ‘Shere’ – a standout off her 2018 EP “The Cries Of My Subconscious”, which she describes as a post-breakup analysis.

The night climaxed with a run of the 5-track EP, as she walked the audience through the creative process of each track. Sadly, Dami Oniru wasn’t around to join her on ‘Ma Ti Lo’: a song Deena describes as a desperate call for attention from a potential lost-love.

Deena Ade is no stranger to live performances and it showed. She was of course, radiant, confident, fascinating to watch on stage.

With her amiable vocals, her warmth shines through as she breathes new life into the records. “May You Find Love” would never sound the same after this live and intimate experience. Throughout the night, Deena is dazzling, composed and overly thankful for the love and support she receives.

Speaking about ‘Midnight Drive’,the third track off the tape, Deena says, “The day I wrote this, I wanted to emphasise on travelling far to see someone…and I have a lover in Magodo, so I would leave my house several times at night when my mother would probably kill me. So that’s what this song is about“.

She closes her set with a sultry live rendition of the Bella-assisted ‘Savage’,  one of her most successful records and her personal favourite.

Right after, Deena engages in a Q&A session about the project, her artistic journey and her influences. When asked what she would be doing if not music, she replied, “I’d be a revolutionary”. During the session, Deena Ade also reaffirmed her unflinching stand against violence against women and abuse of power.

The “May Love Find You” live listening session was indeed a night of good live music, food and drinks. It was as a reminder of Deena’s gifts not only as a singer and songwriter but also as a captivating performer.

Listen to the EP here.

Photo Credit: The Late Night Soirée

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