Deena Ade & Bella Alubo Are No Holds Barred – Savage

In June, Deena Ade released Melo as a teaser for her debut album and in May, she released the project The Cries of My Subconsciousthe second full body of work from the artist since her 2016 EP Side Chic

Deena’s voice is hard to ignore and she always puts us in our feelings; makes us think, but this time she’s taking a break from all the mushy stuff on this collaboration with Alternative artist Bella Alubo and being as blunt and straightforward as it can possibly get. The TiwaDara produced track is one that is mixed subtly and combined with Deena’s enchanting alto and Bella’s silvery (almost otherworldy vocals), the graphic message of Savage’s chorus is almost blurred. Savage could be perceived as an ode to toxic love with lyrics like Baby, your loving got me drunk, Hennessy drunk/Make me believe I need you, yes I do, but for all the graphic in its lyrics, Deena Ade and Bella Alubo prove that the deepest sensuality is found in subtlety and Savage is a song you definitely want to listen to.


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