Davido is standing strong in his new song.

Nigerian artist Davido has released his first official single for the year dubbed ‘Stand Strong.’ The artist featured American choir The Samples on this track, known for co-leading  Kanye West’s church Sunday services. “Stand Strong” is an inspirational song with Davido singing about his challenges and criticisms left and right, but he rises above all these and stands strong. He sings, “Papa told me keep your head up high. Even though your body full of bite marks from canines,” acknowledging his father’s advice to keep pushing despite being attacked.

“My fears are easier to face now, in the front of my haters steady chasing my paper. My steps are guided by Jehovah and 44 looking over. Dem no fit stop us, I know that every show is a shutdown” Davido’s vulnerability makes this track unique; he isn’t afraid to own his fears and likens himself to a cat with lyrics like this “Cause I stand strong O.B.O no go minus O.B.O Elemi 9 plus. Big fish flow like the ocean ooh, omo, I stand strong.” Davido is one of the most criticized artists in Nigeria; people have charged his music, voice, love, and father’s wealth; heck, he was even criticized after sharing this song’s snippets. People tied this song to Davido’s attempt to win a Grammy, but just because an artist takes another approach to his art shouldn’t be considered an attempt to win an award. This is his craft, and he can do anything he wants. Besides, what is the use of making music the same way every time? Diversity in music should be encouraged, and Davido can make music the way he wants. If Davido releases the same type of music every time, would you listen to his music? Or would you attack him for being stale?

While talking about the song on his Instagram account, Davido said, “This one is special to me. It’s different, the concept is different, the mindset is different, and the making has been different. I know you love it when I make you dance, but now I want to make you feel—this one for everyone out there holding it up. I know what I’ve experienced the past ten years, and a lot of you have been through it all with me. But, have you really? For the first time, I want to bring you into the other part of my world. The part where every day is a battle, but I have no option but to STAND STRONG. I present to you the first single off my next album.”

In my opinion, “Stand Strong” is a good listen; I mean, who knew Davido could sound good with a choir by his side him. Apart from the song being good, this song is personal to Davido; here, he talked about the challenges he has faced and isn’t afraid to talk about his fears plus, “Stand Strong” is everyone’s story. We have all been through challenges, and still, we raise our heads above the obstacles and forge ahead; we have all stood strong. Production credit goes to Pheelz.  Listen to “Stand Strong” here and let us know your thoughts about the song.


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