Davido Is Back With A Word For Detractors On ‘Fem’

One of the biggest ambassadors of Nigerian music and a frontman in the Afrobeats to the world movement Davido is back with a new record titled ‘Fem’. And this single serves as the beginning of the road leading to the release of his highly anticipated album “A Better Time” which has been promised for release this year.

This record which serves as his first since the release of the star-studded “A Good Time” comes with a finger pointed at detractors shushing them of any further chatter.

“To the people talking about you because they don’t understand your shine, they don’t understand your grace, they don’t understand why they can never be what you are or have what you have… we say #FEM!” he wrote, announcing the release of the single on social media.

The accompanying video opens with him making a grand entrance into the city followed by an entourage of his 30 BG soldiers. It then continues as a show of strength and wealth, with a subtle message been passed that there’s always strength in numbers.

Enjoy the single above.


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