DAP The Contract Taps Rotex And Deena Ade For ‘ Mind Control’

For one, DAP The Contract‘s CTIII Series has been highly collaborative. Save for the opener, ‘Prismcolors‘, selections on this series have all been team-ups. And in this week’s entry, DAP The Contract joins forces with Deena Ade and Rotex on a record titled ‘Mind Control‘.

This is a trap-laced urban R&B record split into two phases. In the first part, Dap and Rotex softly demand consent to alter the minds of their boy-crazy lovers. The record then transitions to a Deena Ade sultry solo that sounds like a response to their request.

The Contract Thursday (CT) series finds DAP off album mode, experimenting different ideas and exploring diverse sounds. The weekly releases which are then compiled into tapes are usually deeply fascinating as they have the multi-talented rapper swinging in and out of genres over a stretch of weekly releases.

Over a month ago, DAP the Contract was on the PGM Radio Show to discuss the string of weekly Thursday releases while also giving us a peek into two tracks off the series – ‘Prismcolors’ and ‘Bryn’s Interlude‘. At the end of the show, he also kicked bars alongside other razor-sharp wordsmiths like Payper Corleone, Idris King, D-Truce and Ycee in an impromptu freestyle session.


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