DAP The Contract Shares The Fourth Release Off His CTIII Series, ‘Switch’

In usual fashion, DAP The Contract has released the fourth record off his ongoing CTIII series which kicked off exactly a month ago with the single, ‘Prismcolors‘. For this week’s release, the rapper who just wrapped up his London and Paris leg of his Everybody Falls tour teams up with Elena on the new single titled ‘Switch‘.

As the title implies, ‘Switch‘ finds the rapper thinking out loud about turncoats who flip on you once you become successful. With a well-delivered melodic-rap verse over the up-tempo beat with a trap bounce, Dap has a few words for people who don’t care about you on the come up but start to show up as friends and longtime believers once they see you shine. Elena also comes through with a brilliant verse and an air-tight delivery that almost takes the shine off Dap.

The Contract Thursday (CT) series finds DAP off album mode, experimenting different ideas and exploring diverse sounds. The weekly releases which are then compiled into tapes are usually deeply fascinating as they have the multi-talented rapper swinging in and out of genres over a stretch of weekly releases.

Over a month ago, DAP the Contract was on the PGM Radio Show to discuss the string of weekly Thursday releases while also giving us a peek into two tracks off the series – ‘Prismcolors’ and ‘Bryn’s Interlude‘. At the end of the show, he also kicked bars alongside other razor-sharp wordsmiths like Payper Corleone, Idris King, D-Truce and Ycee in an impromptu freestyle session.


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