Dami Oniru Seeks To Lift Our Spirits With ‘Nowhere To Run’

For the past few months, fans have been pestering Dami Oniru for new music. The last we had heard from her was her EP “Bri’s Lounge” released to good reviews last year. In February, she celebrated its first anniversary with the stunning ‘5 Shades Of Bri’ visual, walking us through the entire project and all the emotions that come with it. We had a new video to hold on to, but still no music asides guest verses on a couple of projects. This is why fans threw themselves into an orgy of celebration when she announced new music via her Twitter a few days ago.



And one can share in their excitement knowing that despite being stuck in Atlanta, Dami Oniru is finally giving us new music to help “lift our spirits” in these dark times.

Teaming up yet again with her tried and true producer, friend and frequent collaborator Remy Baggins, Dami presents an empowering anthem with ‘Nowhere To Run’. “The song is basically about losing yourself and basically rediscovering your power,” she says in a recent interview with Native Mag.

One thing that immediately strikes you about the record is that it sounds like a good fit for the Lion King Movie. And you might be shocked fo find out that that’s exactly what it was created for. “You will hear that the song sounds like a soundtrack for a movie, its cause it was a demo I wrote for Beyoncé’s Lion King: The Gift album. It’s inspired by Lion King, and I think the message in the song is really powerful so I thought no better time than now to spread the positivity,” she reveals further in the interview.

We are all not going through the best of times now, and this is what Dami Oniru’s new record attempts to heal. ‘Nowhere to Run’ plays as a hymnal for deep, honest reflections, driving us to work through our weaknesses.

Enjoy the single above and tell us what you think.


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