Dami Oniru Returns With “Soft Life.”

After making her debut in 2015 with Iyawo and following it up with her debut EP Bri’s Lounge, Dami Oniru has grown to become of the best artistes in Nigeria. The artist makes music that carries her present emotions and makes listeners understand her emotions without getting a glimpse of the events that led to her emotional outburst. Dami is one of those artists who wear their hearts on their sleeves without giving out too much to the listeners but for her latest single love takes a backseat as she talks about having money on her mind and living a stress-free life.

After taking a brief hiatus from releasing music, Dami is back with a new song titled “Soft Life.” On the Remy Baggins-produced track, Dami sings about choosing living the soft life over a stressful relationship with her love interest, “Yeah I gave my time to you, I trusted you. All you gave me back was stress and attitudes, yeah I don’t wanna  hear from you I’m done with you, yeah cause I just want a soft life, enjoy all the time.” Her vocals flow smoothly over the song’s production and it helps express her current state of mind; carefree, stress-free and living the soft life.

According to Dami soft life means, “The act of only engaging in activities that preserve your peace & energy,” which is a perfect description of “Soft Life.” Asides from being her first official solo song in two years, Soft Life is also one of the songs off her soon-to-be-released project. Soft Life gives listeners a peek at what to expect from Dami Oniru and showcases her versatility as an artist. Listen to the song here and enjoy.


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