Listen To A Reflective D-Truce In ‘Grateful’ With Malobi & Kulupsy

This year has not been the best to be honest. We are just three months in and it almost feels like it has lasted a lifetime. But even as we are currently dealing with the perils of one of the worst pandemics in recent history, D-Truce is leading us to be grateful for life.

In his just-released Malobi and Kulupsy-assisted single ‘Grateful’, D-Truce is in a full introspective and reflective mood. Over the hip-hop and reggae fused production, he takes us down memory lane, serving pointers on things he’s most thankful for.

This is D-Truce’s first offering since his team-up with Bella Alubo in their 2019 love duet, ‘For You’. A short and sweet affair, ‘Grateful’ which covers a Khalid song is one tune to fall back upon through this crisis.


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