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Contemporary Rap and RnB singer Shalom Dubas drops new single Don’t Leave.

Contemporary Rap and RnB singer Shalom Dubas drops new single Don’t Leave. Don’t Leave is a song about recognizing a mutual attachment fading away, pleading against it, but understanding that if and when it happens, what comes next must be better. It’s a sonic foreshadowing.

Shalom Dubas is a contemporary RnB (rap and afro-fusion influenced) musician who’s based in the D.M.V (D.C. Metro) area. She started out writing songs and rapping in middle school. By college, she was playing guitar and singing at open mics and now “I’m a musician who writes, records, and mixes tracks from my bedroom and shares them to the world” the singer says. She released her first commercial song 4 years ago in 2016. She released Mint, Green. in May 2020, after about 2 months of being in lock down. She describes Mint, Green ;

As a way to start describing feelings as colors. So with Mint, Green. I was exploring the idea of being aware of youth, the greenness and freshness of it, and contrasting it with how fleeting said youth can be. The main inspiration was to make something of the lockdown time. To make something concrete from all the uncertainty that was whirling around in the air at that time. What came forth was Mint, Green.

She quickly followed this up with Deep, Blue to wrap up the year 2020 which she described as; “growth and receiving the gift of self-awareness“. While Mint, Green was about freshness and wanting to see more Green. Deep, Blue was more reflective, open and conclusive. The album contained songs like Mind Over Matter (You’re Telling Me), What We Said. (feat. Tim Lyre) and others.

Shalom Dubas took a trip to Lagos where she has been based for a while now, she’s done a heavy Show Dem Camp feature, and received a very cool HighSnobiety mention. Now, she’s finally put out some new music. Listen to her new single Don’t Leave here

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