Congratulations DJ OBI

After 229 hours and 58 minutes of straight DJing, DJ Obi has set a new World Record of the Longest DJ Set.
The current record of 200 hours was set by Norbert Selmaj aka Norberto Loco (Poland) in The Underground temple bar in Dublin, Ireland from 19 to 27 November 2014.

You would recall that DJ Obi set out on Wednesday, June 22nd, at 11.30pm, to smash the current 200-hour record with a 240-hour, ten-day set, which was to end at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 2nd, 2016. However, due to medical advisement, DJ Obi has had to suspend his ten-day attempt at 1:28pm on Saturday, July 2nd.

With 229 hours and 58 minutes, DJ Obi has DJed longer than the current world record holder. His team is currently awaiting verification from Guinness World Records before they can make an official announcement.

We at have independantly been at the Sao Cafe everynight to observe and support his inspiring determination to succeed against all odds and for that we salute him!

DJ Obi - 2

According to DJ Obi’s team, Tonight’s world record attempt party will continue as planned from 9pm. Celebrity friends and people who have supported DJ Obi throughout the past ten days will be in attendance as, Nigerian rapper, M.I. performs hosting duties.

While Obi rests, his team continues sustained work with the Guinness World Record’s office in order to ensure they have everything they need to verify DJ Obi as the official new holder of the title, Guinness World Record Breaker for Longest Marathon Club DJing!

DJ Obi has been overjoyed by the love, support, encouragement and prayers he has received in the past ten days. Supporters have showed up by the thousands, and messages have poured in from every corner of the world. It has been a 24hour party in Sao Café Lagos since last Wednesday! If there is one word we are sure he would want you to leave you with it is, “grateful”. The fact that Obi made it to this point is proof that anything is possible when one puts their mind to it. He has you to thank for inspiring him to push this far. Nearly 230 hours later and a goal has been achieved!

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