Cobhams Asuquo releases his sophomore single ‘Jah Eli Jah.’

Nigerian singer and music producer Cobhams Asuquo has released a new song titled ‘Jah Eli Jah,’ and on this track, he features Bella Shmurda and Patoranking. This melodic single tells the story of how each of them has hustled to get success, and the challenges they have faced while asking for more of God’s blessings: “Eli Jah, Eli Jah, send down fire bless my ota, pour me water holy water, make them see say I no dey suffer again.” 

‘Jah Eli Jah’ isn’t an ordinary song, and it isn’t just a nice jam from Cobhmas; it tells a story of hustling that every Nigerian can relate to. We all have our stories of struggles, and this song gives us something we can relate to, something that finally sees our hustle and respects it. If you listen closely to the song, you’d hear different stories from start to finish with one thing in common: they held on to their hustle and never gave up. The first verse from Bella already tells a story of how he struggled to train his brothers, how he had no friends, and now that he is successful, everybody wants to be his friend. He sings, “I remember those days when no lighter, no ganja. I hustle on my way up; I did it all alone. I brought all my brothers up. Let them see me shine bright.”

Cobhams comes in with his verse, giving his testimony of God’s blessings, and prays for his enemies and neighbors with lyrics like “You give me grace, give me favor. Now, I’m rich, and I’m famous.” Patoranking follows the theme of the song and reminisces on his past struggles while praying to God for more blessings so that he can pepper his enemies: “Na me them dey call kekere back then I no fit chop kpekere. Wetin my eyes don see omo my mouth no fit talk am.” One thing that makes this song stand out is that Cobhams was able to bring Bella Shmurda and Patoranking together on one song and make it sound this good, plus Bella was so clear. You could hear that this song came from their struggles in their voice. Thumbs up to Cobhams for producing a track we didn’t know could work and making it sound effortless.

‘Jah Eli Jah’ is a song that should be on repeat on your playlist not because of how good it sounds but because it connects with our hustling spirit as humans, especially as Nigerians. Listen to ‘Jah Eli Jah’ here and tell us what you think about the song.


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