Ckay teams up with Davido and Focalistic to deliver “Watawi.”

Ckay is arguably one of the most prominent African acts at the moment; with songs like “Love Nwantiti,” “Emiliana,” and most recently “Maria,” the Nigerian singer and songwriter has changed the status quo, and his music is continuously breaking records. “Love Nwantiti,” one of the biggest songs from a Nigerian artist, has garnered almost 300 views on YouTube and over a billion streams on music streaming platforms. Ckay has sold out many concerts in different countries, and with his album on the way, it is safe to expect an album with no bad songs.

After making his 2022 debut with “Maria,” which has also become a fan favorite, Ckay has returned with “Watawi,” an Abidoza-produced track with collaborative efforts from Davido and South African artist Focalistic. The new song has all the artists singing about their love interests and promising to buy expensive gifts. Ckay sings, “She tell me what are we? She tell me what are we? I tell her we are what we are. I tell her baby no reason am too far.” One thing that makes this song stand out is the energy each artist brought to the song, and the beats were insane; I can already see “Watawi” inspired Tik-Tok dance moves. Davido comes in with lyrics that describe his lover as a baddie, “Tossing and loving on toto, why you wan love omo komo emi gan gan ni oshomo, sho mo.” Focalistic’s verse completes the song with his promises of luxurious items, “Baby, I ain’t no window shopper, and I can buy you Balenciaga,” informing his muse about his ability to spend on her.

The accompanying music video also compliments the song’s energy with colorful backdrops, costumes, and energetic dance moves; it is a delight to watch. With how Twitter is buzzing with positive reviews about the song and how it is currently topping music charts, it looks like Ckay has another hit song in his hands. Listen to the song and watch the music video here and enjoy.


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