Ckay is all about love in “Maria.”

For his latest offering, Ckay taps German musical group Silly Walks Discotheque on the track “Maria.” Over soft guitar keys, Ckay confesses his love for his muse; he talks about how much she means to him and how she makes him feel. He sings, “Oh baby, you are my drug I cannot get enough. I’m addicted to your body, e be like opium baby. E be like say I go overdose,” with passion letting his love interest know that she is his drug. “Maria” is the perfect love song for lovers and people who want to declare their love intentions in the sweetest way.

The song, which was co-produced by Philip Meckseper, follows the pattern of his previous singles “Love Nwatintin” and “Emiliana” because of its smooth lyrics, Ckay’s silky voice, and the song’s soft tempo. A first listen to “Maria” would definitely make listeners fall in love with the song, especially its infectious chorus, “Hmmm Maria, Maria, ecstasy when I see ya. Maria, Maria, oh yoo, high me like cocaine, oh Maria.” It sounds like another record-breaking song; well, fingers crossed for that. Stream “Maria” here and enjoy.


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