Cill releases her debut EP.

Chioma Ogbonna popularly known as Cill is an Afro-fusion/RnB artist who moved from working in the corporate world to making music professionally has been releasing music since 2017 and since then, has shared several singles, written songs for artists and has thrived as a guitarist. Now, Cill is here with her debut EP “Something Cilly” a 6-track project which talks about love, heartbreak, adulthood and many more. The project also features a guest performance from top music group Loud and shows off Cill’s songwriting abilities and vocal prowess.

The opening track “Permit Me,” which was released in 2021 has the artist begging her lover to come back to her. She doesn’t shy away from admitting that she caused her previous relationship to end on a bad note, but she wants to make things right again. “Are you okay my lover? I don call you taya. I know you don’t want to stay, I know say you run away. Permit me to call you it’s not the same.” The song which was produced and co-written by Nigerian producer Dunnie is the artist reaching out to her previous lover to mend their broken relationship. “Permit Me” sets the tone of the project, and you already get a glimpse of what to expect. “You First” comes in as the next track on the EP with Cill promising to stand by her lover and put him first. She sings, “Late in the afternoon when the sun sets and in the midnight hour when there is no one there I go run to you. I go dey with you, I go stand by you. When you’re close to tears, I’ll drown your tears. Baby, I’ll put you first and keep you in my heart.” Nowadays, bringing kindness to a relationship is expected to bring in monetary profit, but true love doesn’t need to pay for kindness. You should be kind to the ones you love because that is true love. In “Obodo,” the artist leans to her native language to pass across her message.

“Goal” starts with children playing in the background and this usher in the first words Cill utters, “We are not kids anymore, no time for games we used to play.” This song talks about the luxury we enjoyed as children like eating free food, playing in the rain, rolling tires on the streets and living without worries, but adulthood came and took everything away. However, unlike most songs that talk about the trials of adulthood, Cill chooses to be hopeful. She sings, “No matter how hard it gets I’ll take some time to rest. No matter how hard it gets, live with no regrets. Mama talk say journey wey go take time if you are wise, you go surely reach your goal.” Although life might be unfair sometimes, the artist believes all will fall into place, “Don’t give up cus you failed.” What better way to end “Goal” than with prayers from Cill’s mother. On the fifth track “Father,” Cill features the music group Loud and on this song they talk about love. “If love is the answer then why should we bury the ones that we love first before we ever learn to care for our neighbours and love our sisters, our children and brothers. They all need loving,” Cill sings, asking God one of the questions on her mind. “Father” stands out because of the message, production quality and vocals. The way their voices blended was really good. In the last song, Cill delivers a remix to the previously released “Tatarata.” Here, she sings about unrequited love and how she would keep waiting for her muse to notice her. She sings, “For your love, I’ve been longing, hoping someday you love me too sadly that day never came.”

What I like most about “Something Cilly” is Cill’s voice, it sounds really good and shows that she has worked to make it sound right. When she was talking about the project on her Instagram page, she said, “I wrapped myself around this project.” It is quite evident that every song comes from a part of the artist whether, from her personal experience or other people’s experience, each represents the people’s love lives, their struggles with adulthood, the questions they ask God and unrequited love. Production credit goes to Dunnie, Mela, Nuelbeatz, Qase beats, and Kamenz music. “Something Cilly” captures the love-starved, ever inquisitive minds of humans and the toxic relationships that inspire music. What this means is that Cill, like every great artist, is conversant with what goes on around her and tells stories through people’s experiences. She did justice to each track and delivered a good body of work. Listen to “Something Cilly” here and let us know what you think about the project.


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