Chinwe explores living in the moment in her new song.

There is something special about living in the moment, letting go of all inhibitions, and embracing the good things life offers. All of these are embedded in our relationships with family, friends, and lovers; one thing they all have in common is that they are all temporary. However, it is what we do with the fleeting moments and good times that matter, and this is where Chinwe draws inspiration for her new track tagged, “Something Beautiful.”

The British-Nigerian singer/songwriter and producer who has roots in Jamaica grew up listening to different genres of music and cites Nina Simone and Portishead as her musical influences. Drawing from these music icons, Chinwe’s music has always been soothing, with her smooth vocals and well-put-together instruments; her music brings certain calm. The artist has been on the rise since her debut in 2019 with the song “June,” and followed it up with “Intoxicated” which ushered listeners into her debut EP “Scar Tissue.” A collection of songs written on the backdrop of the Chinwe’s experiences with love and loss.

Now, she has released her first official single of the year titled “Something Beautiful.” In this song, the artist explores falling in love with someone but considers that the relationship is destined to fail. She sings, “I know there’s no forever, forever. Something in his darkness comes around; they’ll be no forever, forever. Something in my darkness drags us down,” she acknowledges the fact that they both have demons that will surely pull them apart, but the artist just wants to enjoy the fleeting moment of their love affair regardless of their demons. “Show me something beautiful, beautiful. Make me scream out your name, I’ll show you something beautiful, beautiful. Watch me drown in champagne.”  The instruments in the song give the perfect backdrop and create the perfect atmosphere where you can feel each word.

Asides from the artist singing from her experience in fleeting relationships, she also wants listeners to embrace having a good time and enjoying a short-lived relationship. Things come and go; why not enjoy it while it lasts? Stream “Something Beautiful” here and enjoy.


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