Chike Adds A Dance Touch To His Debut Album With “Dance Of The Booless, Vol. 1” EP

Earlier this year, Chike stole our hearts with his debut album, “Boo of the Booless“. Released right in the thick of the global celebration of love on February 14, Chike’s timely record helped to soundtrack this intimate event for many lovers. And as the title implies, it also severed as a companion to the single ones too as they found their stories and feelings articulated in some of the records. The album has since recorded such commercial, critical and cultural success that it thrust Chike right into mainstream consciousness. There are also whispers in many corners that already proclaim it the album of the year – so far at least.

Now, Chike is reworking those love ballads into danceable tunes with an offshoot project titled “Dance Of The Booless“. The 3-volume EP is described as a “dance reimagination of Chike’s critically acclaimed album “Boo of the Booless” through the minds of top producers…” For this volume, Chike teams up with Samy Fire, Sensei Lo, Lord Sky, Dyslex and Sigag Lauren who has been raising dust with his thrilling EDM remixes.

Enjoy the EP above.


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