Chike and Oxlade Join Forces to Deliver Emotionally Charged ‘Spell’ Remix

Chike and Oxlade, both from Nigeria, have collaborated to create an intense remix of Chike’s most recent track, “Spell.” Chike’s character development as an artist continues with the song, which explores conflicting feelings in romantic relationships.

The song “Spell (Remix)” describes the difficulties one encounters when attempting to advance in a relationship that does not support personal development. The song’s instrumentation and composition, which includes the piano and guitar, were specifically picked to encourage Chike, and the words are relatable.

The video, directed by Pink of Pinkline Films, is a visual masterpiece that complements the song’s dreamy and trance-like qualities. The warm and sensual visuals are captivating, conveying themes of seduction, love, romance, and lust.

The song and video together create a simple yet intimate vision of the record, transporting the viewer to another place entirely.

The message of the song is universal, as almost everyone has experienced a loss of control due to love, lust, attraction, or infatuation. Chike’s lyrics acknowledge this feeling, conveying emotions that are all too real.

“Spell (Remix)” featuring Oxlade is a powerful and relatable song that is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who hears it.

Click here to stream.


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