Chale releases new tune ‘For You.’

Impressive vocals have featured in the resumes of many great musicians, and Chale is no different. This year, the singer/songwriter made his debut in the music industry with ‘Eden,’ a beautiful love song where he promises to be with his muse in the “Garden of Eden.” Chale’s voice can catch any listener’s ear because it carries the lyrics and carries emotions and passes a deep message. His songwriting skills are pretty impressive, and this is where ‘Eden’ and his latest song, ‘For You,’ shine.

In ‘For You,’ Chale is a hopeless romantic who compliments the beauty of his muse while making sweet promises to her. He sings, “I’ve been saving all my love for you. Baby, I go love you till you tire.” This song gives off wedding song vibes or a couple’s first dance. While talking about the song on his Twitter page, the artist said, “’ For You’ is an affirmation of passion and responsibility to/for the things/people we burn for. I have some things that I feel such a level of passion for, and I’m sure you feel the same.” We definitely feel the same way because ‘For You’ isn’t just a beautiful love song; it expresses deep feelings for someone or something we love, and we can’t wait to get more songs like this from Chale. Production credit goes to Akposbeatz; listen to ‘For You’ here and enjoy.


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