Catch Up On Wavy The Creator’s Dual Release ‘Black Love’

Wavy Creator has been one of the key players in the new crop of artists who are trying to redefine the sounds coming out from Nigeria and Africa as we know it. This highly adventurous horde are repeatedly experimenting with several palettes of sounds, coming with something refreshing every time, constantly reaffirming the notion that they can’t simply be put into a box sonically. And with her latest release ‘Black Card’, Wavy the Creator reminds us of this fact.

This comes as a dual-release, with the LMBSKN version featuring Pyscho YP. It also has to be said that PSycho YP is one of the most hardworking and collaborative artistes we have around as barely a week goes by without having a fresh Psycho YP verse out there somewhere.

Enjoy ‘Black Card‘ here.


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