Catch Pia Love On Our First PGM OnLive Show

Pia Love is among a highly skilled set of dancers who are taking the art from a mere rhythmic movement of the body to even a greater level of artistry. Yes, many of us can move our bodies while grooving to a beat, but Pia Love is one of those stretching the art form into something spiritual. A quick tour of her Instagram or YouTube page will launch you into an amazing world of an eccentric multidisciplinary artist who is constantly on a journey across the world, discovering different dance styles and spiritual encounters.


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Did I have any reason to dress up as futuristic Taino tomb raider for our hike? No! . But then again, did I have any reason why not to though?! Lol . I’ve been reading about five elements which were mapped over two thousand years ago by Chinese physicians who categorised all of life into “five elements” or, “five seasons” or “five phases”. The intricate system includes looking at personality archetypes and how each of us are a combo of these “five principal Elements”, usually having one more dominant one ( I should note here that although zodiac signs are also split into four elements, they are not fully compatible with this system – for instance if you are water sign like Pisces you may not have water as your dominant element). I got so into reading about these archetypes and have been analysing my friends and work mates and seeing how our elements plays out in our interactions and has offered me deeper understanding of why we do what we do… and although my dominant is fire element, I also have lot of water – playful water in particular! I love putting together customes and I’d like to start applying this sense of play with hair, make-up and clothes as something I also do for others… my own body and hair is a lovely canvas, but I’ll be asking my friends to be my canvases too!! 🙏🏾😊❤️ . . The pictures and the five elements book are both gifts from @mic_urban_jewelry 💋❤️💋 #nofilter #instadaily #instafashion #nature #hiking #afrofuturism #playful #custome #imagination #longhair #longnaturetrips #elyungue #thepeak #elpico #blackgirlhairstyles #allthingsturquoise

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And it’s some of those lessons she has picked along the way that she’d share with us on our first ever PGM OnLive Show. This is an Instagram Live show that is focused on showcasing musicians, dancers, poets, DJs, instrumentalists and many others pushing boundaries with their art.


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