Catch NSG On The PGM Radio Show This Wednesday

Last weekend, UK-based collective NSG released their long-awaited debut tape, “Roots”. Starting off as school and hood friends, these six Nigerians and Ghanaians started making music together and officially kicked things off as NSG officially in 2013 when they released their debut single. And ever since, the East London group been on a slow but enthralling ride to stardom and mainstream success. Upping their visibility in the UK music space with highly successful records like ‘Yo Darling’, ‘Options’, ‘OT Bop’ and ‘Trust Issues’, NSG has eased their way into being a major stop for Afrobeats, particularly in the UK. And all this has led to widespread anticipation for their tape which they have now delivered to the excitement of fans across the world.

“Roots” is a full-length tape that walks between genres that dominate the Nigerian, Ghanaian and UK spaces, welcoming everyone to the party. And despite being 18 tracks long, it only features appearances from Randy Valentino, Tion Wayne and veteran UK wordsmith, Chip.

We would be having them on the show on Wednesday to discuss their journey so far, the build-up to this project, the creative thoughts and process being the album, as well as future plans. Tune in at 10 pm to catch up on this and more on the PGM Radio show with Douglas Jekan.

But till then, enjoy the tape above.


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