Catch A Morphed Adekunle Gold On ‘Something Different’

Last week, Adekunle Gold sent a heartfelt newsletter, sharing a hilarious come-up story of him sliding into Don Jazzy’s DMs for opportunities as a budding graphics artist. This was an attempt to inspire his fans to take charge of their dreams and continue to bank on themselves. Adekunle Gold isn’t that ‘struggling’ graphics artist anymore. He is now one of Nigeria’s brightest music stars. Yet, he is still on a never-ending path of self-discovery, a redefining journey of his art and his brand. And he is very happy to take us along on this thrilling voyage.

AG’s swift evolution into a popstar is almost complete. You can easily tell from his recent pop-leaning releases as well as his interesting fashion choices. He is substituting his signature traditional African sound for something more pop-centric, trendy and synth-led. This is almost a 360 from the AG we all met in 2016.

In a fast-changing game where its golden rule says “evolve or die,” you can simply tell that Gold isn’t ready to be a victim of natural selection. And guess what? We are enjoying every bit of it!

Today, May 1, Adekunle Gold continues the compelling journey to his coming album “Afropop” with a new single titled ‘Something Different’. This new offering is the story of a romance that should have been. A classic case of unrequited love. Despite the feelings they shared, they simply wanted different things. The noble Adekunle Gold wanted a relationship rooted in love. His love interest, on the other hand, wants something more transactional. A romance helmed by financial security. “No money, no honey,” she insists.

In all its lament-laced storytelling, ‘Something Different’ still comes across as soothing and melodious. This all thanks to AG’s candied vocals and BlaiseBeatz’s soft but dazzling production, well-spiced with soul-stirring guitar and horn riffs.

Enjoy this new offering from Adekunle Gold and tell us what you think.


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