By Women, For Women – Project Femme

What do you get when you get eight powerful women in a studio? You get an Alte’cation. The debut EP by Alte’cation Project Femme is live on all streaming platforms now, and we’re telling you to go get it.

Alte’cation – Bunmi Africa, Tetta, Maka, Deborah Prest, Toby Grey, Ella Nnabuchi and TaraxBella – is telling the struggles of life from the female perspective. The EP opens with I’m Queen, with powerful poetry from Bunmi Africa and moves to Breathe by Tetta – a reminder to never stop fighting or breathing; Maka blocks out the noise and all the bad energy with the third track, Steady Movin’. With Crazy World, Deborah Prest bemoans the struggle to hold on to sanity in a society that deems to dictate what is acceptable for her; the beat picks up a bit with Ruban Rosé (Pink Ribbon by Toby Grey. Ella Nnabuchi tells the old tale of the woman who refuses to lose herself in the face of adversity with Mirrors and then the EP closes on a positive note with Dreamer by TaraxBella. Project Femme gets production from Heze Beats and LiciousCrackIt with additional vocals from Thonia Taino – Ruban Rosé (Pink Ribbon) and Lvrd Debbie – Mirrors.

Alte’cation has put out an amazing project dedicated to every kind of woman, lending their voices to the struggle that is being a Nigerian woman in Nigeria. Listen.


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