Burna Boy Leads The Resistance In Video For ‘Monsters You Made’

Ever since Burna Boy released his latest album “Twice As Tall”, there have been massive debates in several corners about its critical status with some already throwing the word “classic” around. But one thing that can’t be denied is the cultural and commercial success of this project which has been raking in huge numbers across major DSPs ever since it dropped. At the peak of its popularity – so far – the album clinched the number one spot on Apple Music, a feat not many of his colleagues can bost of.

Another thing a lot of people will agree is that the Chris Martin-assisted record, ‘Monsters You Made’ is one of the standout selections on that album. And Burna himself knows this, hence the release of its video making it the second official single off the much-celebrated album.

The single finds a exasperated and irritated Burna pointing fingers at the leaders, colonisers and their allies for the deterioration of the African being. With this record, Burna volunteers himself as the voice for his people further positioning himself as a revolutionary standing a firm stand and asking questions. The thrilling record ends with a piercing sound of renowned writer, Ama Ata Aidoo demanding answers from the imperialists who have sacked the continent.And it’s only natural that this video further drives this message.

The Meji Alabi-directed video opens with flashing images of some dark episodes across the continent. Then we are then introduced to Burna Boy the revolutionary leader and his troops set to fight for their freedom. As it builds up, it almost feels like ripped-off scenes from the popular movie “Beast of No Nation.”


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