Burna Boy gives us a glimpse of what is to come in “Last Last.”

While giving an electrifying performance at the Madison Square Garden, Grammy-award-winning artist Burna Boy announced the title of his upcoming 6th studio album, “Love, Damini,” which will be released on the 2nd of July 2022 also happens to be Burna’s birthday. Well, it looks like the artist is planning on giving himself something to celebrate with, with the release of the new album. While talking about the project on his Twitter page, Burna said, “It’s about the ups and downs, the growth, the L’s and W’s. I’m excited to share this journey and roll out with you all.” To a listener, this might look like an ordinary statement or just another Burna album, but if you look closely, you will notice that this album isn’t just about vibes; Burna Boy is about to release his most personal work. This album will talk about Burna’s journey in music.

The soon-to-be-released project will contain 19 songs, and today the artist released one of the songs off the album titled “Last Last.” “Last Last” is a song centered around many subjects, from his days in Port Harcourt to falling in love and suffering heartbreak, his car crash, and many more. In the Chopstix-produced song, Burna is reflective of his love life. How he copes with disappointments: “Have to say bye-bye o, bye-bye o to the love of my life. My eye oh don cry o. I need Igbo and shayo, I need Igbo and shayo” his coping mechanism maybe. Of course, Burna still has to blow his horns with lyrics like “You go bow for the result. Nothing to discuss o, cause I dey win by default o and without any doubt o.”  The song also features samples of Toni Braxton’s “He wasn’t man enough.” 

The song “Last Last” is already a reflection of what the album will sound like, and it is pretty evident that Burna will be different on “Love, Damini.” How? You might ask; well, let’s look at a tweet he shared a few days ago; he said, “At this point, I just want to live and die on stage with my band The Outsiders. I’ve achieved all my dreams ever personally had. Money gives me no satisfaction; nothing really does, except on stage with my God sent band.” It is clear that Burna is not trying to break any record with his upcoming project; he isn’t trying to prove a point or satisfy himself. “Love Damini” is Burna just enjoying himself because he has gotten to the stage where music for him isn’t a source of income or a jab at critics; it is an art of telling his stories while enjoying himself.

Also, let’s do a quick run-through of the artist’s previous released projects in the last three years; “Outside” had Burna singing about industry critics who were sidelining him and criticizing his music; the goal here was to stand boldly with his music and not care about critics. “African Giant” was released in response to the Coachella font issue, and “Twice As Tall” was Burna Boy’s bounce back after his Grammy loss. Each project is defined by the moments and events in the artist’s life. At this moment, Burna Boy has won a Grammy, has sold out multiple concerts, and has broken many records; I’d say that at this moment, he is feeling very fulfilled and wants to celebrate. Hence, the upcoming project might be centered on celebrating, fulfilling one’s dream, and many more.

Get in the mood of “Love, Damini” by listening to and watching the “Last Last” music video here.



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