Burna Boy Crowns Himself Champion In ‘Odogwu’

Burna Boy had a very successful 2019. Last year, the Afro-fusionist released one of the most celebrated Nigerian albums in recent times, picking up international awards, and securing a Grammy nomination. The self-ascribed African Giant also performed live at one of the world’s biggest music festivals, Coachella, and has since been touring some of the biggest cities across the world.

However, his 2020 hasn’t been that enviable. The singer got off to a rocky start finding himself in the mud of self-inflicted social media drags. To the dismay of many, the singer also lost the World Music category at the 2020 Grammys to Angelique Kidjo. This is a living icon who also featured on Burna’s culturally and commercially successful “African Giant” album.

But now, it’s back to the music.

Burna is bouncing back from his brief fall from grace with what made us fall in love with him in the first place: smooth, sharp and thrilling sonics. Almost with no warning, the singer has shut out the noise and released his first offering of 2020 titled ‘Odogwu’.

And if there’s one thing we know about Burna Boy, it’s that he emerges from backlash even stronger and more resolute.

Produced by Burna’s go-to-guy, Kel P, the new record finds the African Giant relaxed and assertive. A very chilled and smooth record, it finds Burna crooning incoherent ramblings that reek of overbearing confidence and chest-thumping affirmations. ‘Odogwu’ might not be the most memorable songs off his recent releases but this is one hell of a way to open the promising year. And after spinning the new record a couple of times, we can gladly say Burna hasn’t lost his momentum.

Enjoy the record above and let us know what you think.


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