Boydrms releases debut single Abena

Boydrms releases Abena to be his debut single under the Boydrms brand in which he voiced his admiration for a certain beautiful black girl. He expressed this with lovely vocals laid smoothly on a groovy dancehall instrumental.

Obinna Ezechukwu, also known as Boydrms is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, recording and performing artiste.

He hails from Anambra state and was born and raised in Onitsha. First of four children, Boydrms grew up with so much passion for music, it became his balance between having to help in raising his siblings and life itself, he’d always be caught listening to records aired on the radio in the 90’s.

He started off as a dancer of a breakdance duo group in his secondary school and through higher institution became a member of the then famously known X Flyers dance group as a B-boy. He was popularly known as Alfabest at the time. In 2013, Boydrms made his first ever record titled ‘This Year‘ with a colleague, and over the years, he has worked on some other songs like ‘Mua ga ebu fa uzo‘ which landed him a performance on the big stage of Star music trek hosted by Gbenga Adeyinka in 2014.

In 2017, he made a decision to move to Lagos to seek greener pastures in his music career and stayed far from his parents who didn’t welcome his music dream.

With influences in the likes of Burna boy, J Hus etc, and cutting across genres not limited to Afrobeat, Afro fusion and Dancehall, Boydrms promises loads of Projects including an IllBliss featured track. He is definitely one to watch out for.

He goes by the handle @boydrms07 on all social media platforms where he showcases freestyles and connect with his fans more.

Click here to listen to Abena.

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