Boj has had a solid run in 2018, from his collaborative EP with Ajebutter Make e no cause fight to being a Jameson brand ambassador.

He recently announced via Twitter that he’ll be dropping his new record with Skepta and fellow DRB mate Teezee.

Like to party is an Alte (new wave) vibes signature and as usual, Boj on the hook is catchy but he didn’t stand out. Boj always stands out on every track.  His vocals command you to hit replay but this isn’t the case here. On this song, it seems like Boj didn’t want to steal the shine from Skepta. Ironically though, Skepta was busy stealing the show with his effortless swagged out verse. His sole interest is owning your girl for the night.

“Said she got a man, I said yeah that’s alright, but just tell him you ain’t seeing him tonight”

As solid as it is, we can’t help but notice how monotonous he’s become with his verses. It sounds like a page off Wizkid’s Bad Energy feature.

Teezee’s verses were more extravagant but largely bland and unmemorable.

Conclusion: The track doesn’t stand out neither does it feel out of place, it can potentially do well this December,  it just needs to catch on.



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