Berlin based Nigerian artist, Garey Godson, releases “Macking Things”

Berlin based Nigerian artist, Garey Gordson releases new single ” Macking things.” This is his first song for the year which gains inspiration from Mark Morison’s “Return of the Mack.” It’s a feel-good tune which draws influences from dancehall and afrobeats elements. The floating sax, rhythms, drum patterns and mellow chords blend nicely with Gareys vocals. This comes shortly after Garey dropped his single ” Minding my business “ and his 13 track sophomore album ” Still I rise ” last year.

Garey’s story-telling approach on this record paints pictures of a short romance, a topic to
which many millennials can relate. He also touches on the subject of ego in relationships
and encounters. In his words “growing up as a young man, we are socialized to suppress
our emotions or not speak about them. This in turn affects our real life relationships. I want to
touch and mirror every emotion lucidly through my music…”

The record was produced by Zion Beatz, a Nigerian producer. Hkmk German based
producer, co-produced, mixed and mastered the track. The artwork was illustrated by Ebube
Onoh, a Lagos based artist.This tune is a juicy one to kickstart the new year. Click here to listen.


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