Some say that without music life would be a mistake. We at believe that without Good Music, the various emotional hurdles of life would be hard to manage. For there are songs for every mood and this new song right here from BENIE MACAULEY & TOMI THOMAS – THE PAROLZ, is definitely one that uplifts your mood and gets you to shake what your mama gave you.

On this day July 20, 2016, we at have decided to make ‘The Parolz’ our midweek song of the day. So, should you find yourself in traffic and/or frustrated for any reason, simply listen to the Parolz and allow yourself to be moved by the beautiful vocals of Tomi Thomas, supported by Benie’s audacious afro house beats and a sprinkle of the MasterKraft touch.

Watch out for the full EP ‘Plot 49’ as it drops towards the end of the summer.


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