Bella Shmurda releases a new single, “Fvck Off.”

Nigerian singer and songwriter Bella Shmurda has released a new song tagged “Fvck Off,” The new single serves as the artist’s third official single for the year and a follow up to the previously released single “Many Things.” Bella adopts a positive stance on the song; he addresses haters while vibing to the beat and having a good time. He sings, “Me I never answer to nobody only call I pick is from my mummy. Living my life and stay lowkey, me I never hate; I’m just loving. Higher, all my friends jagaban; we just wan live life and vibe. If you wan trouble, we go fight. Hundred percent, my people them stand” he talks about how he doesn’t take orders from anyone and wants to live his life without trouble.

In this song, the artist isn’t afraid to let out his feelings confidently; this is Bella Shmurda’s way of saying, “Hey, this is what I do; if you don’t like it, then that’s your problem. I don’t care.” He will not change his sound or personality simply because it doesn’t sit well with some people; he wants to do his thing unapologetically. He sings confidently, “You don’t like me fuck off, you talking rubbish, shut up (don’t talk). You feeling down, burn up (smoke up). If you love the vibe, turn up.” Production credit goes to Niphkeys and Enta. Listen to “Fvck Off” here and tell us what you think about the song.


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