Bella Gives Us A Peek Into Her World In ‘Loneliest Girl in the World’

Bella Alubo’s fans are never starved. Ever since her “Late Night Vibrations” EP with then labelmate Ycee, not a year has gone by without a new project from Bella. And now she’s back, opening the year with a personal and honest single titled ‘Loneliest Girl in the World’.

Produced by, Victizzle, ‘LGITW’ plays as a hymnal for introverts. Over the animated keys, she lets us know she’s comfortable being all by herself, her movies and her music. This is a peek of how Bella has felt since she was 12. In a recent interview with Upflow, she revealed that she wasn’t exactly in the best place when she recorded the song.

“I usually feel lonely, and I’m sure it’s something a lot of people around the world feel, not just creatives. Especially when you have to work on something and you are focused on your dream and things are not looking the best. At that point [I wrote the song], I just started my Masters [in Public Health]. Back then, I was in London. I was living upstairs of my apartment complex, which was quite tiny, and the tiny space forces you to think a lot. I think my bank account then was literally red. I don’t know, I just felt like it wasn’t a good day for me at all,” she says.

Across the record, Bella makes being lonely or an introvert sound like the coolest thing ever. And no doubt, this will serve as the soundtrack to many of our lives in the days to come.

Another awesome thing about this single is that while doing what she loves and making fans connect with her story, Bella is also doing her bit to help the society with this record.

‘Loneliest Girl In The World’ is part of a bigger project, the 4-track “Kele•le” EP whose proceeds will be donated for COVID-19 aid in the country through Red Hot.

Listen to the song above.


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