Bankyondbeatz & Dj Yin turn up in ‘Good Loving’

We’re not ignorant of the great musical chemistry that exists between BankyOnDbeatz and DJ Yin. The duo has been giving us great music since they collaborated on the Fuego Senora EP. Exploring their impeccable working relationship in the studio, they’ve created yet another awesome tune in ‘Good Loving’.

Good Loving is a new approach to the music style being created between Banky and DJ Yin.
This song has them explore a more EDM sound fused with the Caribbean feel to it, as DJ Yin sends a message of good loving and good vibes.

At some point, we’ve all found or are yet to find that good love in our life and this song helps us move and step to that feeling. The question is, are they both in some good loving?

We at The PGM Club recommend it to all good music lovers. It’s another great sound from Bankyondbeatz and DJ Yin.


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