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“Bad Boy Etiquette 101” Seals Ajebo Hustlers’ Rousing Prowess in Creating Good Projects. 

The Nigerian musical group, Ajebo Hustlers, are accustomed to consistency and creating memorable projects, and the evidence is not far-fetched. Ever since their 2020 breakout, the talented artistes have made records with Davido and Omah Lay. In 2021, they released their debut album, Kpos Lifestyle, Vol. 1, a 10-track project that further stamped the group’s presence in the music industry. Since their debut, Ajebo Hustlers have delivered enjoyable tunes like “Loyalty,” “In Love” and “Caress.” Now, they are back with a new project tagged “Bad Boy Etiquette 101.” Here, Ajebo Hustlers create the perfect bad boy handbook. 

Ajebo Hustlers

The project starts with the Niphkeys-produced “Dreams,” a song that sees artistes singing about their aspirations and dreams. In this song, Ajebo Hustlers aren’t the bad boys they portray themselves to be; rather, they paint themselves as dreamers who want the same thing everyone desires, money and success. When Piego sings, “You see this music I dey sing, it is my only calling. Me no wan hear any girl come dey telling me say she love me. The only thing on my mind I want make this bastard money,” he genuinely means it. Knowledge mirrors his partner’s aspirations with lyrics like, “I want cash out sotey na me go tap out drunk in success until I pass out.” With “Dreams,” Ajebo Hustlers create a song that resonates with a lot of people who wake up with their dreams etched on their minds. 

The Fave-assisted “In Love ” comes next, pulling Fave’s infectious vocals and unveils Ajebo Hustlers’ love side. The artistes sing about how their love interests have changed their personalities “Since I fell in love you don sweep me off my feet you don barb my moro.” Love brings out the best in people and these artistes testify about the best love has brought out in them. When Piego starts the next song with “I feel like I’m suffocating, I can’t breathe in. We moving sideways, we drifting,” you already know he is hurting. “I don’t wanna love no more, I don’t want your kisses on my lips,” tells us this is a breakup song. However, while Piego shows his pain, Knowledge is more concerned about his ex-lover’s loyalty. They both come from different perspectives on this song, but at the end of the day, they are both affected by their love interests. The guitars on this song make it more melodious and one can almost make one forget about the song’s heartfelt message. 

The next song, “No Love (18 Plus),” is an Amapiano tune that sees the artistes exchange notes over their escapades. Asides from the sexual innuendos in the song, “No Love” also tells the story of a girl who has lost her ways “She say she no need Dettol but she go need e God. She say she no need e love many dirty things wey her eyes e don germ.” “No Peace (Violence)” follows the same route as the previous song, however, Ajebo Hustlers hold nothing back as they give vivid descriptions of their sexual needs and Knowledge needs to tell us what “Antimonopologeographicationalism.” means. At this point, these artistes are not seeking love anymore, their innocence has been stripped by heartbreak. Now, all they want are racy nights. 

“Loyalty” is definitely one of my favourite songs on the project. From the production to the lyrics and the music video, everything stands on this track. Unlike the previous songs where they have been against falling in love, “Loyalty” walks a different path. Here, Piego and Knowledge have finally found a girl they can be loyal to. They sing, “The things you said to me don hold me for work oh. That you will ride with me till the wheels fall off oh/She don’t want nobody she just wants loyalty.” 

How did Ajebo Hustlers move from being loyal to their lovers to accusing their “Barney” of being “cock blockers” in “Burn My Cable.” Well, in the words of Wednesday Addams, “A siren never changes its scales.” Piego and Knowledge don’t hide their desire to cheat “My girl e no know say she dey burn my cable, my girl e no know say she dey scatter my table. Forcing me to calm down, say make I dey stable/Cock block, see my barney dey cock block me.” The production of this song stands out because it is a mix of different sounds. At first, it sounds like a Highlife track, then it moves to a trap beat and the song transcends between these sounds effortlessly without anyone overtaking the other. 

In this EP, Ajebo Hustlers let listeners in on their dreams and aspirations while they navigate love, music and heartbreak. “Bad Boy Etiquette 101” serves as a continuation of the great work they started on their debut album. Their most recent work also brings listeners closer to the next phase of Ajebo Hustlers. Each song is curated in a way that any of the songs can stand on its own and when they combine, they create a sonic appeal. Listen to the project here and let us know your thoughts about it. 

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