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Azanti drops debut album ‘Heart Parts & Nostalgia’

Nigerian R&B fusion singer and record producer Azanti, drops his debut album “Heart Parts & Nostalgia.” This is the first official release from the Apex Village, an Abuja-based collective which consists of Rockstars like Cindy, Psycho YP, Zilla, Max, Olu, FallOfMichael, Zilla Oaks, Ayüü, Kuddi is Dead, Jaylon, Marv OTM, U1oko, and so many other incredible artists. He has 2 EPs ” YP & Azanti Vol. 1” and his 2021 self-titled EP. Following the release of “YP & Azanti Vol. 1” which was well received, Azanti became popular and has been perpetually rising since. The 19-year-old wonder boy has over 509k+ total views on YouTube.

Azanti wants us to have a reflective winter with his latest work ” Heart Parts & Nostalgia” as he consciously weaves his storyline of rapturous love using a fusion of sounds and genres to make his music easily relatable. He depicts the feverish passion of new romance, the chase, its thrills and the eventual anti-climax. Reminiscing on it leaves the bitter-sweet taste of nostalgia in his mouth as he recalls hating the chase but is captured in the pursuit of love and enjoyed it while it lasted anyway.

The beginning parts of the album No1 Lover, Wants and Needs, Gettin’ Hot, is focused on the chase “Let me be the one that you want and need, want and need, let me be the one that you want to see, want to see, when you dey catchy catchy cold, I’ll be your company, company, let me be the one that you want and need” Here, mixed signals are the order of the day and the singer tries to reveal how much he likes the girl in question and her actions leave him confused. Things get more heated from Twist & Turn featuring Odeal, where Azanti decides that he can’t do without this girl. He tries to express himself to her but admits to being scared, his feelings for her leaves knots in his stomach. Julie featuring highlife duo, The Cavemen reinforces the singer’s surprise with how enamoured he is by this woman. ” Julie, Julie, I no know how you take enter my head o,” He ponders. He gets a chance on Late4Dinner although he makes the mistake of still trying to pick up other girls and almost arrives late. He however reassures her he is playing no games and she is the main one. Perhaps it is not enough as on Antenna, she cheats with one of his friends named Takena and Feel Too Much expresses the hurt and loss he feels in the aftermath ‘ Girl, I wasn’t crying for you, I was holding myself, I was fine, so, Why did you want to go tell me all of those lies, yeah, why do you wanna watch everything go by? I’m scared, I’m scared, I’m scared, cus I cannot believe, right now, I can’t feel too much.’ The final song Peace invokes some sort of nostalgia, he reveals that she is still his peace despite some of the fucked up things she’s done. ‘I need you here, summer breeze, this is peace‘ he asserts.

Listen to the album here and tell us what you think.

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