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Listen to Jinmi Abdul’s New Single ‘Aya’

Jinmi Abuduls is slowly positioning himself as one of the key voices of his generation. With every release, the young singer-songwriter seems to win over unbelievers to his camp and his latest single is not an exception. Over the weekend, Jinmi released a new single ‘Aya’ produced by TMXO and engineered by Alpha Ojini.

Over soft percussions and a stifling bassline, Jinmi opens the record with a Jon Bellion-esque adulation of his woman. The track then transitions to a very soothing and melodious love number, coated in an incrementally-rich ambience. Benrix’s soul-stirring strings slowly crawl right under your skin as Jinmi’s lyrics place the picture of your love interest in your mind-eye as you sing along.

Enjoy the single above.

From Davido To Adekunle Gold: Lessons On Adaptability

We’d never forget Davido. Not just because of his decade-long dominance in the Afropop space, but because he’s that superstar whose hands are always stretched. “We rise by lifting others,” he’s often quoted; and for the longest, he has tried to live by this maxim. Davido is the guy who doles out money to fans on social media, hands out millions of Naira to fans on stage, helps strangers fund their schooling, projects young acts into the limelight, and pulls stranded artists out of bad deals. He’s always been one to reach out.

“I think it’s something I learned from my father. That’s just how he was growing up. From everybody in the family to his friends. I don’t know man, it’s just a natural thing for me. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t help everybody.  But I won’t lie to you, God has blessed me that I’m able to take care of my friends, my family, and also spoil myself, spoil my woman, etcetera. We are not complaining, but I do what I can for the community, I do the most I can,” he reveals in an interview with Joey Akan. 

Davido often seems like the best ally new-gen acts have in the Nigerian Afropop space. Interestingly, it is this self-imposed Santa-duty that has led him into new musical worlds. Despite being an Afrobeats giant, Davido doesn’t seem scared to leave his comfort zone when hopping on some of these tracks with new acts. Just last year, he pushed Lady Donli to new eyes and ears when he hopped on the remix to ‘Cash’ and invited her to join him on stage at his December concert.  The year before, he joined the alté frontman Odunsi (The Engine) on ‘Divine’, one of the highlights off the latter’s debut album, “rare.” 

These are not Davido’s natural sonic choices. At his core he is an Afrobeats act, playing as one of the genre’s biggest flag-bearers across the world. But he also isn’t scared to test new waters, and it shows in his willingness to work with these young acts on their turf. Davido has also served several international collaborations that have seen him stretching out of his comfort zone. ‘Dun Rich’ with Popcaan found Davido riding the Caribbean wave like a pro while blessing Quavo’s ‘Swing’ with a scene-stealing feature. 

In many of these fish-out-of-water situations, Davido doesn’t sound out of place. He meets these artists halfway, retaining his style while stepping into their world.  At the end of the day, you have a solid verse, a brilliant song. 

Most recently, the DMW boss featured on Khalid’s ‘Know Your Worth’ alongside one of Nigeria’s most promising singers, Tems. Meshed in a song with two intimidating vocalists, Davido’s vocal talents appear very limited.  Many insecure acts would shy away from such ‘set-ups’. But not Davido. He isn’t scared to try. When he wraps his pidgin-laced verse with the daring question “shey him dey treat you right, are you happy?” You search your soul, barely remembering it was delivered in a near-faint husky voice. 

Therein lies the makings of a great artist. You know you can always be better, so you step out of your comfort zone and push boundaries in your craft. And asides helping you explore new musical complexities, working with acts who create a different sound from yours also exposes you to a new fanbase.

Times are changing fast. Genre lines are getting blurred. Sounds are evolving and you can’t be caught slipping; not if you want to last long in the music space. The trick is to move with the times, while holding on to your core elements and unique style. 

The music game is so brutal and unforgiving. When people know what to expect from your new project, they lose a bit of the excitement. And once they ‘see you finish’ musically, they run off to where they can get their next thrill. Natural selection starts to take place. And before you know it, the world has left you behind. Forgotten.

Another Nigerian artist who has been open to the new generation of artists and music is M.I. While many of his peers are stuck in the boom-bap era, M.I’s recent releases have been sonically ambitious. While many are crying at how the world has moved on from “true” hip-hop, M.I appears to have found the fountain of youth.  

For his 2018 projects “Rendezvous” and “Yung Denzel”, the hip-hop elder sought the assists of the likes of Odunsi, Lady Donli, Tay Iwar, Nonso Amadi to help keep his sound up to date.  He tapped into their talents, sound, and raw energy while in turn helping to shed the spotlight on them.  True, the former Chocolate City boss might not be rocking the clubs with bangers anymore but he’s ageing even better. M.I is still mutating. We are still excited to hear his music. He’s sounding as refreshing as ever. 

Look around. How many of his peers are still playing at his level?

Over the past year, Adekunle Gold has been shedding off his signature traditional sound for something more synth-led and poppy. All the sonic and aesthetic shifts we’ve been spotting from ‘Before You Wake Up’ down to ‘Something Different’ is building up to the next album aptly titled “Afropop”. Yet, he still retains his highly relatable pen, soothing vocals, and genuine personality that made many fall in love with him in the first place. 

It won’t be so shocking to realize that for Adekunle Gold, “Afropop” isn’t even the destination. In a recent interview with Afrobeats Intelligence, he revealed plans to even redefine his sound further right after this album.  Right now, I’m making Afropop’ because that’s where my mind is. That’s where I’m in my head and that’s where I am, sonically. In 2021, it’s going to be different again. With Adekunle Gold, you don’t know what to expect really. I guess that’s how it is with me.”

The international serial-hitmaker Drake is on a never-ending quest to find new sounds to tap into. No two Kendrick Lamar albums sound alike sonically. There are even rumours that his next album leans heavily towards Rock, and we won’t be surprised if that turned out to be true. J.Cole has recently been crossing generational lines with his sound and that earned him his first Grammy. Take a look at Jay-Z, LL Cool J, Prince, Snoop Dogg; the list is endless.

Truth be told; there are no guarantees. Nothing is promised. You might step into new frontiers and it might not just work for you. You might even lose fans in the process. But you can’t play it safe all the time. Self-development and the drive to evolve is at the core of every great artist. And even when it’s rooted in survival, the willingness to explore new sonic worlds and take on new challenges rings better than sulking at how the world has moved on from your one ‘true’ sound. Want to be a good artist? Play in your little safe box. But if you want to be more, study the greats and learn to evolve your sound with the times. 

Push your boundaries. Take that risk and succeed!

Maison2500’s Video For ‘Dirty Fanta’ With Odunsi Features Cameos From Deto & Teezee

Maison2500 has been the name on everyone’s lips for the past two weeks. The rapper starred in the highly celebrated DRB Lasigi debut album “Piooners”, delivering a stunning apperance on the Genio-produced ‘Salty’ alongside Santi. That same day, Maison2500 also released his new 5-track EP titled “Turnpike”, and it proved to be a very timely release. For everyone whose first encounter with the rapper was the DRB album and asking who this guy was, he had a whole new material out to provide the answers.

But that wasn’t all. Just about a couple of weeks after their duet on ‘Dirty Fanta’, Maison and Odunsi(The Engine) reunited on two tracks on the latter’s surprise EP, “Everything You Heard Is True”. It almost seems that you can’t escape his voice this month.

And yesterday, one of Maison’s dreams came true as the visuals for his EP closer, ‘Dirty Fanta’, premiered on Fader. The video which was shot with an iPhone also features cameos from Teezee and Deto, who is currently riding on the reins of her standout feature on ‘Body Count’, the empowering anthem on Odunsi’s new tape. Directed by Chuwkwa Nwobi the video plays true to the record as a theme song for hedonism. Maison and Odunsi can be seen having a crazy night out in Lagos, hanging out with friends at the beach, games centres and a nighttime cruise.

Enjoy the video below.

Dami Oniru Seeks To Lift Our Spirits With ‘Nowhere To Run’

For the past few months, fans have been pestering Dami Oniru for new music. The last we had heard from her was her EP “Bri’s Lounge” released to good reviews last year. In February, she celebrated its first anniversary with the stunning ‘5 Shades Of Bri’ visual, walking us through the entire project and all the emotions that come with it. We had a new video to hold on to, but still no music asides guest verses on a couple of projects. This is why fans threw themselves into an orgy of celebration when she announced new music via her Twitter a few days ago.



And one can share in their excitement knowing that despite being stuck in Atlanta, Dami Oniru is finally giving us new music to help “lift our spirits” in these dark times.

Teaming up yet again with her tried and true producer, friend and frequent collaborator Remy Baggins, Dami presents an empowering anthem with ‘Nowhere To Run’. “The song is basically about losing yourself and basically rediscovering your power,” she says in a recent interview with Native Mag.

One thing that immediately strikes you about the record is that it sounds like a good fit for the Lion King Movie. And you might be shocked fo find out that that’s exactly what it was created for. “You will hear that the song sounds like a soundtrack for a movie, its cause it was a demo I wrote for Beyoncé’s Lion King: The Gift album. It’s inspired by Lion King, and I think the message in the song is really powerful so I thought no better time than now to spread the positivity,” she reveals further in the interview.

We are all not going through the best of times now, and this is what Dami Oniru’s new record attempts to heal. ‘Nowhere to Run’ plays as a hymnal for deep, honest reflections, driving us to work through our weaknesses.

Enjoy the single above and tell us what you think.

Lady Donli Teams Up With Darkovibes On ‘Wonda Wonda’

A few days ago, Lady Donli hosted a very energetic Stay at Home concert on Instagram Live. Alongside performing some of her fan and personal favourites, the alte frontman also teased new music. And as promised, ‘Wonda Wonda’ her first 2020 single is finally here.

Featuring Darkovibes, one of Ghana’s leading singers, this new record serves as the first Donli record since her culturally successful debut album “Enjoy Your Life”, which was one of the best projects of 2019.

In a recent interview with Native Mag, she revealed that “I made “Wonda Wonda” in November of 2019 in Lagos. I was meant to drop it in like February, but like the dates kept getting pushed back by reasons beyond me. I actually wanted to shoot a video, we had even done the treatment and everything was set to be shot in April, which is when I was originally slated to return to Lagos, but obviously, that didn’t happen.

Right now, there’s so much uncertainty on whether I will ever get to shoot a video or when all this COVID-sh*t will end so yeah I was just like let’s drop it now cause it’s been ready and people want to listen to it.”

Produced by Kuvie, ‘Wonda Wonda’ picks up where “EYL” left off, leaning heavily on Donli’s traditional African influences. It is a highly infectious single that features Lady Donli’s sharp but simple songwriting that drives the lyrics home right from the first listen. It’s also blessed with an easy-to-catch sing-along hook that will have you humming along as you listen. Enjoy the single above and tell us what you think.

WurlD Releases New 7-Track EP, “AfroSoul”

After a string of releases over the past month,  Nigerian Afro-soul sensation, WurlD has released a new EP that encapsulates his sound titled “AfroSoul”.  It came as a surprise to many when he announced that he was releasing a project two weeks ago. This was because many were still enjoying the sounds off his well-received “I Love Girls With Trobul” EP with ace producer Sarz. Well, the blue-haired singer is leaving nothing to chance, showing us that has way more where that came from.

This new EP contains seven songs with its production handled by a capable team of Shizzi, Spax, TMXO, Soko7, Kel P, Teflon Zincfence, Wakanyna and Del B. WurlD appears solo on all the song on this EP save for the final track, Birthday Song/Palmwine Riddim that features Zeal.

In ‘Love Nobody’ the lead single for this project, WurlD’s striking pen again collides with a pop radio-friendly melody poised for spins on the airwaves. Produced by TMXO, the song is a soft blend of electro and house with splashes of Afropop elements.

The message of the song is simple; when it comes to woman, WulrD can’t afford to share. Across the record, he details his romance with his sweetheart and the exclusivity they mutually agree to. “I don’t want my baby next to nobody,” he warbles in the chorus.





Kid Marley Craves That Good Life On ‘Enjoy’

Kid Marley has been missing in action for a while now. Ever since the album “The Grey Area” with 3rty, he has been on a self-imposed holiday and it has taken a pandemic and it’s resulting lockdown to finally get some music from the all-round creative. Just yesterday, he broke his relative silence with ‘Enjoy’, a tune that reminds us that life is short, life is one and we should, therefore, enjoy it as much as we can.

With this new drop, Kid Marley amplifies our thoughts, dreams and aspirations in the simplest terms. What do we wake up at 5 am and spend the next couple hours in traffic for? Isn’t it to make enough to get us that good life? To be able to live on our terms?

Sadly, many get lost in the pursuit that we even forget to enjoy the life we’ve got at hand. You don’t necessarily need to have a million dollars stacked somewhere before you can start to enjoy your life. While tilling, we should enjoy the process. And when success comes, we should enjoy our wins. Even the little ones.
Over the laidback Learnthecreator production spiced with an acoustic guitar loop, Kid Marley nudges us to “Enjoy your life, enjoy your life now / Re-live your life, re-live your life now.”

One of my favourite lessons off the highly celebrated book “The Alchemist” is that the secret to happiness is to enjoy the marvels of the world while keeping an eye on the prize. And same goes for Kid Marley, as he reminds us that “life is only worth living if you’re living it.”

You can catch Kid Marley having the time of his life alone, surrounded by nature in the accompanying video. The all-round creative is seen enjoying the peace, quiet and clarity that comes with sitting by the sea.

Enjoy the single above and let us know what you think.

Odunsi Releases New Surprise EP, “Everything You Heard Is True”

Odunsi (The Engine) has released a new project with only a moment’s notice, only announcing it just a couple of hours before it’s release. This serves as an appetizer to help hold us down as he continues work on his anticipated sophomore album. Titled “Everything You Heard Is True”, this serves as Odunsi’s first project since his 2018 debut album “rare.”

“so here’s the thing. i definitely need more time with the album. last year has been a rollercoaster i’m sure you guys could feel it. but i have a gift for u and i. because we deserve it. and it’s time to have a lil fun” he shared on Twitter. Odunsi, therefore, presents “Everything You Heard Is True” as a peace offering, and lovers of his music are ready to receive it with their full arms stretched.

This new EP contains just seven tracks, featuring appearances from Maison2500, Amaarae, Deto Black and Gigi Atlantis. For this project, Odunsi omits all his previous releases, including the Tems-assisted ‘Decided’ which he released just about a month ago.

This is a record he dedicates to anyone that is battling with anything in their lives and dealing with loads of anxiety. “It’s about fighting death in sleep” he explains.

Enjoy the new EP above and let us know what you think.

Maka’s ‘Waiting For You’ Is A Daring Declaration Of Love

Over the weekend, Maka gave us a taste of her post-“It’s Not You, It’s Me” material. Teaming up with seasoned hip-hop producer Xblaze, Maka released ‘Waiting For You’,  her first 2020 single.

On ‘Waiting For You’, Maka tells the tale of a romance waiting to happen over head-bopping 808 drum riffs and vaporwave synths. With her soulful vocals, she draws you into a world of a woman unapologetic about her feelings. Her love interest appears to be timid and she, therefore, takes the initiative and openly declares her affection for him. “I just need your love,” she submits.

With this single, Maka show that can be confident without being angry and militant. “By embodying her full self as an assertive woman in a world that wants women to remain silent while men do all the chasing, Maka’s bold declaration of love simultaneously reads as individual and universal”

Listen to the single above.

Bella Gives Us A Peek Into Her World In ‘Loneliest Girl in the World’

Bella Alubo’s fans are never starved. Ever since her “Late Night Vibrations” EP with then labelmate Ycee, not a year has gone by without a new project from Bella. And now she’s back, opening the year with a personal and honest single titled ‘Loneliest Girl in the World’.

Produced by, Victizzle, ‘LGITW’ plays as a hymnal for introverts. Over the animated keys, she lets us know she’s comfortable being all by herself, her movies and her music. This is a peek of how Bella has felt since she was 12. In a recent interview with Upflow, she revealed that she wasn’t exactly in the best place when she recorded the song.

“I usually feel lonely, and I’m sure it’s something a lot of people around the world feel, not just creatives. Especially when you have to work on something and you are focused on your dream and things are not looking the best. At that point [I wrote the song], I just started my Masters [in Public Health]. Back then, I was in London. I was living upstairs of my apartment complex, which was quite tiny, and the tiny space forces you to think a lot. I think my bank account then was literally red. I don’t know, I just felt like it wasn’t a good day for me at all,” she says.

Across the record, Bella makes being lonely or an introvert sound like the coolest thing ever. And no doubt, this will serve as the soundtrack to many of our lives in the days to come.

Another awesome thing about this single is that while doing what she loves and making fans connect with her story, Bella is also doing her bit to help the society with this record.

‘Loneliest Girl In The World’ is part of a bigger project, the 4-track “Kele•le” EP whose proceeds will be donated for COVID-19 aid in the country through Red Hot.

Listen to the song above.

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