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Prettyboy D-O Warns Off Detractors On ‘Odeshi’ With Tim Lyre

Prettyboy D-O already seems set for the release of his new “Wildfire” EP scheduled for release later this month. Last year was filled with a string energetic releases that suggested to fans that a project was on the horizon. But 2020 in all its troubles has been quite interesting for D-O. The coloured-hair rapper has been on a spree of killer features, nourishing his brand, and teasing the soon-to-be-released tape. And just a few hours ago, Prettyboy D-O opens his year by giving us our first dive into the coming tape with a Tim Lyre-assisted single, ‘Odeshi’.

Produced by frequent collaborator DaRe, ‘Odeshi’ is a bouncy trap tune that plays as a warning to detractors and adversaries. D-O opens the record raping with a bullish delivery about him having one hell of a good time. But the energy switches up right in the hook as he forewarns, “you wanna come for the boy? Odeshi go back to sender”. Tim Lyre also matches up the vibe with his stirring verse well woven in English, pidgin and Yoruba. One other interesting thing about the record is how it plays as one endless loop when you have it on repeat.

Listen to the record above.

With “Cult!” Paybac Iboro Is Leading A Return To National Pride

The first time I ever heard a Paybac song was in 2018. I had stumbled on ‘The Mami Wata Song’ early that year while exploring my newly found SoundCloud world littered with hidden gems. Just that one song with its refreshing originality and Paybac had me completely.  I might have have been late to the Nigerian SoundCloud party but I was right on time for Paybac’s debut album, “The Biggest Tree”.

With “The Biggest Tree”, Paybac walked me through the dark corridors of his genius mind, offering firsthand experience of what it feels to have grown up as Caleb Hanson Iboro.  A personal favourite on the tape was the Bella-assisted closer, ‘Best Day of my Life’, a soul-baring victory lap where Paybac Iboro openly celebrates his wins, no matter how small. It came as a fitting end to a very personal album that featured some deep-seated storytelling of the gritty life he’s had to endure and his inflamed scuffle with depression.  

Paybac Iboro

Paybac Iboro (Instagram/lookatpaybac)

Quite a lot has happened since “The Biggest Tree”. Between his 12-track debut and his sophomore, “Cult!” released earlier this year, Paybac held our gaze with two collaborative projects. In November 2018, he joined forces with frequent collaborator Charlie X to release “Autopilot”. Barely six months after, Paybac reunited with longtime friend and associate, Boogey, to release their critically acclaimed “Alternate Ending”. 

From these releases, you can simply just tell that Paybac is building an impressive catalogue. With eight projects under his belt, Paybac has been putting in the work, and it’s paying dividends already. 

In October 2019, he got tapped by East-Coast American rapper Juelz Santana for an appearance on his tape. Also last year, he secured his first Headies nomination in the lyricist on the roll category alongside Boogey, AQ, Ycee and SDC. Paybac didn’t go home with the award that night but got the reassurance that his work isn’t going unnoticed. People are out there listening. The industry is watching and keeping tabs on his progress.

Cult! (Instagram/lookatpaybac)

Cult! (Instagram/lookatpaybac)

And on his latest album “Cult”, Paybac is patriotic more than ever. He had grown up like many of us, trying to shy away from his Nigerian identity. It seemed cool at the time to distance oneself from the Nigerian culture. People even used this resentment to gain cool points. It was such a common thing to hear people say “I don’t watch Nigerian movies” or “I don’t do Nigerian music.”  

But things have turned around. It’s so cool to be Nigerian now. The past few years have given us so much to be proud of, particularly in the entertainment sector. Afrobeats is doing so well across the world now. Nollywood is also doing its bits, shedding itself off its old skin. And with “Cult”, Paybac stands as that maverick leading that U-turn back to national pride. 

This album showcases Paybac as more than just a rapper. All through its 15 tracks, he comes across as an artist who doesn’t pander to expectations. 

Everyone has this idea of what ‘rap’ should sound like. But “Cult” is different. “Cult” is free. “Cult” is ambitious.  Sonically, it doesn’t walk in the exact footsteps of his previous releases. Thematically, Iboro presents “Cult” as a national pride hymnal for this generation of Nigerians. In the opening seconds of ‘Boy Band’ one of the album’s standout cuts, he references a popular Chinua Achebe quote, “being a Nigerian is abysmally frustrating and unbelievably exciting.” And it is this paradox that the album wraps itself around. 

Paybac sweeps nothing under the carpet. He brings it all to bear on the album. He wraps up the myriad of emotions you feel as a Nigerian, balls it up and goes off on the tape. “Cult” almost plays as a soundtrack to your experiences as a Nigerian. You can connect to his pride on ‘Activ8’, relate to his loath on ‘Nigeria Suk My Dik’. And when he yells, “Fuck a politician” you flip your middle finger in the air in disgust and scream right along because that’s exactly what you feel.

You can relieve the whimsical pride as well as the profound anger, confusion and helplessness that comes with being a citizen of the continent’s biggest economy, which also happens to be the poverty capital of the world.

Another interesting thing about this album is that despite the fact that he raps mainly in English, he sounds very Nigerian in every way. Many rappers in these parts try so hard to sound like they aren’t from here. But not Paybac. With him, there are no phoney accents. Neither will you find those imported rap mannerisms present on the album.

“Cult!” inspires an unprecedented level of reverence in Paybac’s career. Some already call it his best ever. Others swear it’s one of the best 2020 projects in these parts. But one thing we can all agree on is that with “Cult”, Paybac solidifies his foothold as one of Nigeria’s most gifted rappers. It sets him right apart from his peers and also flaunts the depth of his artistic creativity.

With each release, the ever-evolving Paybac proves himself as an artist to grow with. We almost have no idea what the next Paybac album would sound like right now, we’d just have to wait and find out. And if you ask me, that’s already pretty exciting. 


Zamby Reassures Himself In His Stirring ‘Die Young’ Rendition

About three years ago, Felix George had a brush with death. On June 10, 2017, the emerging singer, better known as Zamby, was involved in a ghastly motor accident that’s forever etched in his memory.  Turning his lemons into a syrupy lemon juice, the experience has since pumped him with a new drive and a fresh outlook to life. But after several let downs and false starts in trying to break out in the industry, Zamby felt so small. Inconsequential. Intimidated. This led to a recent deep and stimulating conversation with his mum which has since reignited that drive in him.  It is all this and more that he brings to bear on his cover of Roddy Rich’s highly successful single, ‘Die Young’.

Zamby’s ‘Die Young’ plays both as a victory lap as well as a manifesto of his impending success. Over the all too familiar instrumental, Zamby delievers his smooth assertive verses, declaring “I can never die young ’cause I got GOD”. He reassures himself that he’s destined for greatness and even though things might not be going as planned now, he has no choice that to press on till he gets what he craves.

Enjoying this

Garey Godson Celebrates African Beauty On ‘Koko’ With SDC

Barely two months after his Maya Angelou-inspired album, “Still I Rise”, Garey Godson has gifted yet another single without warning in celebration of his birthday. For this celebratory single, Garey Godson takes us straight home as he joins forces with two of Nigeria’s finest wordsmiths, ShowDemCamp to rework ‘Koko’, one of the highlights off his sophomore album.

This record inspired his mother is a toast to the Black woman and the adulation of her beauty. Produced by a capable duo of Niickii and Hkmk, Garey takes a full dive into afrobeats exploring the powerful and independent nature of the African woman. Ghost and Tec also bring their Palmwine sound and flow to bear on the track, spicing it up with enough Naija flavour.

Speaking about the single, Garey says, “I grew up listening to SDC it was a great opportunity witnessing their creative process and them gracing this record”.  This single comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Enjoy above.

YBthewildyouth Dabbles In Dancehall With ‘On Me’

Edward Kobina Komfo also known as YBthewildyouth has been putting in the work. Right from a tender age, he grew a reputation in the Masha-axis of Surulere with his first single ‘Hit Em Up’ which had his strong vocals and overbearing confidence on full display. And ever since, he’s been experimenting with sounds and honing his production skills, while secluded from the city life. Now, the young singer is giving us a taste of the material he’s been working on in seclusion with this new self-produced single titled ‘On Me’.

‘On Me’ is a melodic dancehall record delivered in a near-whisper where YBthewildyouth croons about a lover’s need to share intimate times with their partners.

With “Thewildyouth” serving as a metaphor to his defiance to societal norms and his nonconformist nature as a creator and musician, he says “YBthewildyouth is not just a stage name. It represents my story, journey and purpose as an artist.”

Enjoy the single above.

DJ Spinall Taps Omah Lay For His New Single ‘Tonight’

DJ Spinall is well known for his prowess on the turntables. The celebrity who sports his signature traditional cap everywhere he goes is celebrated as one of Nigeria’s biggest DJ’s who can turn to a room full of wallflowers into a sweaty project-x-type party with a couple spins. But Top Boy, as he’s often called, has also recently made a name for himself as a certified hitmaker. Over the years, he has teamed up with some of the country’s biggest and brightest stars to churn out steaming anthems for the streets and clubs. From ‘Baba’ with Kiss Daniel, to ‘Gba Gbe’ with Burna Boy as well as the Wizkid-assisted ‘Nowo’, Spinall has been serving us hits for years. Now, he has joined forces with the rave of the moment, Omah Lay to serve us another uplifting Afropop banger titled ‘Tonight’.

Over the soft and easy afrobeats production laid out by Spinall himself, Omah Lay declares his intentions to just have the time of his life and enjoy his success. Across the first verse, he details his sweet romance with his sweetheart. “I dey for plane, she be pilot” he sings. He confesses that they are just the right fit for one another, “me I be her bad habit o, say she get Acappella for my beat o/ Say she get e paper and I get bic o”.

The second verse is more tailored to his career journey as he soaks in the adulation he’s been getting for a while now. A self-assured Omah Lay also reminds his detractors that he can’t be put down. DJ Spinall describes the record as “a combination of charming, melodic Afrobeats flow…a stimulus for fans to enjoy life and make the most out of all the negatives moments,” and that’s exactly what it plays out to be.

Enjoy the single above.

IllBliss Collides With Phyno, Yemi Alade, Niniola & Johnny Drille On “Illy Chapo X”

Veteran Nigerian rapper IllBliss has a very enviable work ethic. The quality of his discography isn’t one many of his colleagues can boast of. Yet, he’s working even harder than ever. Last year, he blessed his fans with two solid releases; “IllyZilla” his joint tape with seasoned hip-hop producer Teckzilla and “Illosophy”, a seven-track EP that gave us a peek into the mind of Oga Boss, the revered wordsmith. But Illy isn’t stopping there. Just this morning, he opened the doors to his long-teased sixth studio album “Illy Chapo X”, and there are also rumours of a joint EP with Bigfoot in the works. With this LP, his 10th body of work, Illbliss is easing into his elder statesman role, and  solidifying his legacy as one of the best to ever do it in these parts,

This album contains 17 tracks, with a total run time of 54 minutes. It also guests some of Nigeria’s finest acts, Phyno, Yemi Alade, Niniola, Johnny Drille and the YBNL general, Olamide.

For the production of this monumental album, he works with a long list of producers including Toye Aru, Kezyklef, Legendurybeatz, Majorbangz, YoungD, Bigfoot, Benjamz, Kwenubeats, Johnny Drille and Shay-who.

Listen to the album above.

Jesse Jagz Steps Back Into The Ring With “Garba”

Many would swear that Jesse Jagz is the greatest. And with cult-classics like “Jagz Nation Vol.1: Thy Nation Come” and “The Royal Nigeria Company” you might just agree that there are some merits to their argument. However, his fourth album, “Odysseus” felt like a dent to his legacy. A stumble to his impressive run, a speed bump to his joyride of quality releases. He had grown a reputation for himself as a project rapper, but despite assists from Burnaboy, Cynthia Morgan, Styl-Plus and Hotyce, the lukewarm 2017 album felt like a letdown.

And ever since, Jesse has been more silent than ever. He went into seclusion, where he often seems to work best. We even heard rumours that he had left Lagos altogether for his for the sanity and tranquillity of his home in Jos. But now, Jesse is back. And he has sneaked his way back to our ears and playlists with a new self-titled EP “Garba”

Last week, he gave us the first dose of the material he had been working on, breaking his year-long hiatus with ‘B’. This new project contains just five tracks, all titled after each letter of his middle name, Garba. Unlike his previous releases, this project contains no known names, only featuring appearances from Anchorman and Mr Murph.

Hopefully, this EP would restore the confidence of his ever-loyal fanbase, shut naysayers up, win over nonbelievers and restore Jesse where he rightfully belongs; in the pantheon of the greats.

Listen to this album above.

Omah Lay’s Debut EP “Get Layd” Sets Him As A Star To Look Out For

One interesting thing about the Nigerian music space is that it’s an industry tightly packed with young talented acts with so much to prove. And one artist whose name has been on everyone’s lips this past week is the Port Harcourt singer, Omah Lay. Ever since he released his debut and introductory EP, “Get Layd”, the youngster seems to have gotten cosigns from most of the big players in the industry. Commercially, the EP is also doing very well. A quick scan of the Apple Music Nigeria chart finds Omah Lay securing four spots out of the top ten. He also comfortably sits m on the number one and two spots with ‘Bad Influence’ and ‘You’.

We got our first taste of his fluid melodies when he got introduced to us with ‘You’ on February 14. His overbearing confidence on the single made him sound like one whose raw talents have been silently forged into shining diamonds. Omah Lay came ready.

One of the gains of this brilliantly executed EP is that in less than a week of its release, Omah Lay has got the ears of the people. He has swiftly positioned himself to be one of the country’s most promising singers on the rise. Alongside the charts, he has also vaulted himself to mainstream consciousness. And with a run of subsequent quality releases, Omah Lay is not far from being a household name.

Rookie of the year? Next Rated? Who knows?

But one thing is certain: he’d be one of the success stories Afrobeats has to tell at the end of the year. With “Get Layd”, Omah Lay has pulled off what many only wish for; having the people’s undivided attention right from your debut. Enjoy the EP above.

Apple Music Launches African Radio Show With DJ Cuppy As Host

Barely a month after expanding to 25 African countries, Apple Music is launching its first African radio show on Sunday, May 31. The show which is positioned to feature a mix of sounds across the continent will be hosted by Nigerian celebrity DJ and producer, Cuppy.

Just a few hours ago, the streaming service announced that “Africa Now Radio with Cuppy” will debut Sunday (May 31) and will feature a mix of contemporary and traditional popular African sounds, including genres like Afrobeat, rap, house, kuduro and more.”

The Africa Now Radio is a weekly one-hour show which will be available at 2 pm WAT. “The show represents a journey from West to East and North to South, but importantly a narrative of Africa then to Africa now,” Cuppy reveals in a statement.

African music and artists have found success outside of the continent and onto the pop charts in both the U.S. and U.K. in recent years. Acts like Drake and Beyoncé have borrowed the sound for their own songs, while performers like South African DJ Black Coffee as well as Davido, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid and Mr Eazi — all with roots in Nigeria — continue to gain attention and have become household names.

“HUGE NEWS! 🎵💥 Proud to announce my NEW weekly RADIO SHOW called #AfricaNow on @AppleMusic  This is for YOU Africa! 🌍✊🏿🎵✊🏾🎶✊🏽 Promise to do my people proud #Africa Now #CuppyOnAMission” an excited Cuppy announced on Instagram.”

Prior to the recent expansion, the music streaming service was only available in 13 African nations including South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya.


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