Amaarae Wants To Be Left To Live Her Life On ‘Leave Me Alone’

Amaarae’s releases are always few and far between. But whenever she drops you’re sure that you’re in for a very good treat. And now, a few months after her killer feature on Odunsi’s progressive bop, ‘Body Count’, Amaarae is back with her 2020 debut single titled ‘Leave Me Alone’. This record is produced by a capable duo of Kuvie and KZ.

The record opens with strutting guitar riffs ushering us into Amaarae signature near-whisper vocals. The song finds the young Ghanaian singer demanding her freedom just as the title implies. She’s had enough of everyone else and needs to invest her time and energy on herself, ’cause it appears she’s simply just wasting it on others. “I want to be alone, I want you to just leave me alone”

“Leave Me Alone” is a freedom record. It’s just about wanting to live your life and be left to do so. There’s so much going on in the world right now. We all need a break – or some form of escape and this song speaks to that desire. It’s about having the space to breathe, process and get your mental and emotional states right,” she reveals to RADR.

This single officially kicks off the rollout and wild anticipation for her coming project, “The Angel You Don’t Know”. Listen to the single above.


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