Alpha Ojini Hosts Hotyce, Paybac, Payper, PsychoYP, Vader & Zilla Oaks For Blazing ‘Pop II’

In celebration of his sophomore album “Chvameleon” hitting a million streams, Alpha Ojini has decided to mob us with a posse cut remix for ‘Pop’.  This is one of the singles and fan-favourite cuts on the well-received 2019 album. And contrary to the original version which had only him on it, this new version is a massive party staring some of the best rappers at the helm of the rap game in this generation.

Alpha brings along a team of Hotyce, Paybac Iboro, Payper Corleone, Zilla Oaks, PsychoYP and Vader the Wildcard who all brought their blazing guns for this posse cut.

Enjoy the record above.


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