A Review of Remy Baggins’ Eigengrau

Ever since the release of his debut mixtape VIV, talented producer, singer and songwriter Remy Baggins has featured heavily on our radar.

In this time, he has built up an impressive collection of diverse features and production credits that have imprinted his distinct sound on us. Simply put as both a producer and artist, he excels in experimenting with multiple genres and blending melodies to create an impressive signature sound.

So, when we heard that he was releasing a new EP, titled Eigengrau, we were so excited we asked for an advance copy and now we are pleased to present to you our review.

Eigengrau is a deeply personal project, one that Remy says he recorded at a time when he was depressed and confused about his next career and life choices with the latter serving as the theme to the project’s opening track “Tell Me”. Sounding like the soundtrack of a deep movie monologue, Remy expresses his frustrations about his growth in the music industry and also as a person. The track is the darkest reflection of the project’s theme and it serves as a not so subtle precursor for what comes next in “Why?”

“Why?” is one of the EP’s standout track. It sees Remy experimenting with a smooth blend of Afro-Pop and South African House with an intriguing storyline about a stalking ex. This is what good music sounds like with relatable lyrics and a wonderful melodious vibe on the instrumentals.

Next up is “Paranoid” which is kinda like a complement or inverse of “Why?” with Remy the one stalking a lover or ex. The track is slower and more laid back but the delivery is subtle and superb. In keeping with the project’s theme the song is somewhat reflective and sounds inspired by true events. Another stand out track.

On “Maybe…” co-written by the super talented Efe Oraka, Remy is back full and centered on his struggles but with a more upbeat, up tempo vibe. It’s at this moment that Remy begins to look past his pain and the track is yet another vibe on a project packed full of gems.


But perhaps more than any other, “STAYWOKE” is a reflection of Remy’s experimental style with him rapping over a heavy trap infused beat. Fully emerged from the darkness in “Tell Me”, Remy’s fighting back with fury but at the same he has created an anthem for the up and coming underdog.
In our opinion, this is the project’s stand out track.

Closing out with a very “trippy ass outro”, what is clear at the end of this project is that Remy definitely isn’t afraid to experiment with his production and song writing. He’s also progressed from VIV and his sound and songs are a lot more concise. The progress he’s making as a creator is evident and Eigengrau is already one of our favorite projects in what has been a stellar year for alternative Nigerian music.

We at the PGM club, highly recommend that you take the time out to listen to this project and we eagerly await Remy’s future projects.

Available on iTunes: goo.gl/KBHhWf
and Spotify: goo.gl/6ErVAE

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