A Peek Into Tay Iwar’s Upcoming Project: 1997

Since the release of Passport in his early days on the music scene, Tay Iwar has become a force to reckon with. With his unique vocals and production, Tay is nothing that isn’t special. Having a sound that is not in any way or form even remotely mainstream, this young man has not caved under the pressure to commercialize his music; a determination to keep his art form pure that is not oft seen in the Nigerian music industry.

The Abuja-based artist who together with his brothers form the creative collective: Bantu recently shared a 3-track teaser to his upcoming debut album, 1997 which he released exclusively via Soulection through Beats 1. This is coming after his first Video Star single which dropped early this year.

The teaser features three tracks all exclusively produced by Tay with features from Santi, Preye, and Odunsi The Engine. Each track is distinct in its own sound and this greatly shows Tay Iwar’s mastery of musical versatility. The first track; Space (with Santi and Preye) sees the artist declare his need for space with his dreams. Next up is Sugardaddy (with Odunsi); a song that explores the infatuation of young women with the multitude of material things allowed by having a “sugar daddy”. The last song is a love song like no other called Miracle Girl and Tay uses this to show off his vocal finesse.

Stream 1997 here via Soulection.




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