A Fan’s Review: Boogey’s Incognito

On a hot November evening in 2012, I was listening to MI’s debut album, the classic Talk About It, and after playing the Short Black Boy skit by L.Boogie, I decided to google him out of curiosity. In the search results, I stumbled on Artificial Intelligence a mixtape by a young lyricist known as Boogey. Suffice to say that it was one of the best accidental finds of music in my life.

Artificial Intelligence was the perfect introduction to Boogey’s witty & satirical lyricism and his ability to create intricate storylines in his verses. His playful lyrics when analyzed deeply hold multiple meanings based on the audience’s perception.

Fast forward 4 years and Boogey has blessed the Nigerian Hip Hop scene with 2 more solo mixtapes, a collaborative album and two weeks ago he dropped his much-anticipated 4th solo mixtape, Incognito.


Compared to Boogey’s previous projects, Incognito takes a darker tone. Boogey’s playful side is almost nonexistent. This mixtape comes from a place of pain, driven by the frustrations of a battle weary General of Nigerian Hip Hop.

The tape’s opening four tracks are all about spelling out Boogey’s displeasure with the Nigerian music scene and women that have broken his heart and used him. “Devil beans” perfectly encapsulates this. On it Boogey perfectly lays out his frustrations, the pain in his voice accompanying the intelligent storytelling.

“The Boy” and “The King” livens up the mood a bit but Boogey still retains that dark edge.

On “People Always Leave”, a cover of LA carvinal’s Seven steps to Nowhere, and “Celebrate”, featuring Lady Donli, he takes on abandonment, by both the music industry and in failed relationships. He demands the attention that his craft deserves and the love and honesty that he seeks in relationships.

“Last words” sees Boogey team up with Cat Mayel on an Odunsi produced beat to create what I consider the standout track. His angst peaks with suicidal thoughts, a vivid description of ending it all.

Incognito closes out with “Resurrection” and “Bring it Back”. Notable mentions must go to AT, Phlow and Zee for amazing verses.

Incognito Back

Incognito Back

Incognito shows how much progress Boogey has made in the last 4 years. His story lines are more mature and his mindset in darker and more reflective. Wearing his struggles on his sleeves and weaving them into stories in his verses.

The tape also brings to the forefront how underappreciated Rap music still is in the Nigerian music circles.

We at thepgmclub.com definitely recommend that you give this body of work a listen.

The PGM Club

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