A Defiant Tems Is Ready To Break Free In ‘Try Me’

Amidst her few and far between releases, Tems has done well to leave a lasting impression. It has taken her just two singles and guest spots on a couple of projects to convince us that she is one of the most talented singers in the country rising through the ranks. Many could even swear by the old gods and the new that she is the future of Afro-Soul and R&B. And she is now back to take it a step further with her new firey single titled ‘Try Me‘.

A follow up to her year-opening stunner, ‘Looku Looku‘, this single find Tems teaming up with Remy Baggins on the production with additional vocals from Dami Oniru.

Over a simple and laidback beat that lays a good ground for her thrilling vocals to shine, a spirited Tems is on a mission to set herself and her Rebel Gang free from oppression as she continuously asks why her subjugator keeps pushing her to the wall.  On Twitter, she explained that this new single is a breakout anthem for the oppressed, underrated and understated who have been suppressed from use and abuse.

With a powerful sing-along-hook, this song is so infectious such that’d get you in the zone right from your first listen. If there was ever any doubt about Tems skill as a dazzling vocalist and songwriter, ‘Try Me‘ puts that to rest.

Suffice to say that this song comes highly recommended from us at the PGM Club. Enjoy.


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