Illbliss Drops new single ‘Ayakata’ feat Falz The Bahd Guy

Ill Bliss Oga Boss has dropped the first single of his anticipated summer EP ‘The kid from New Haven‘.  The single, ‘Ayakata’ (which roughly translates in pidgin English to ‘E don scatter’) features, in demand, rapper, Falz the Bahd Guy and kicks off with an acknowledgment from Falz of the power shift in the Nigerian Music Industry to the new school.  Illy Gatti (Oga Boss) as a boss, acknowledges that change and also throws in some ‘shade’ of family disloyalty.

Who is he referring to? Well, I guess you have to listen to the track and make up your own mind.

Listen and let us know how many thumbs up (doug thumb) it deserves.



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