4uu by Ayuu

4UU, is a song by Ayuu, a mind who drew our attention with that stellar performance on the track ‘Alice’ of the Lady Donli Wallflower EP.
With his debut EP “H.E.R” already set to establish him as one of the creative minds to watch out for, he’s now out with his first release after the drop of his EP and we must say, it’s refreshing.
His sound is unique and distinct to him and draws an audience to understand and hear his words carved out like mini-stories.

4UU sees Ayuu go mellow, over a Yinoluu produced record that gives a soothing atmosphere for him to deliver his vocals perfectly as he sings, switching to a mellow flow all setting the mood for the track.
With backup vocals from the amazing vocalist Efé, 4UU has Ayuu riding hard for his girl, never letting her go, ever ready to prove he’ll do everything for her.

Ayuu is definitely one to watch out for, hence his being on D’Watchlist.  We recommend more of his music to our PGM audience, enjoy his latest offering.



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